Who: Washington University Dance Marathon, supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

When: November 10, 2018

What: Wash U Dance Marathon is an eight-hour event that raises money for Cardinal Glennon and Children's Hospital in St. Louis. For eight hours students stand on their feet, dance, raise money for the hospitals and listen to stories of the children they support.

Why: Dance Marathon is an organization that is so close to our hearts and if you've read our blog about MizzouThon you can tell why. You can read that post here. Getting to work with Wash U was a joy and reignited our love for the cause all over again. It was made even sweeter knowing that WUDM supports Cardinal Glennon, a hospital we are lucky to work closely with. The money that WashU raises supports so many amazing kiddos, and it warms our hearts that we were able to be just a small part in that.

How we helped: Similar to our efforts at Mizzou we provided full production. But more than that we supplied energy and excitement. While WashU has a smaller program that Mizzou, you never would have known if you had measured by energy. The crowd never stopped dancing, smiling and celebrating. The feeling we helped create was indescribable, and we feel so proud to be a part of an organization that believes in making a difference in the lives of children that need it most.

The video



Roe White-- DJ's DJ

Roe – Our Lead DJ, Roe White, has been with Utopia for 14 years. Roe started as a dancer, became an Emcee, but his true passion -- where he found his love, was behind the DJ booth on the turntables as our lead DJ. Roe is also an owner of Utopia. The fate of the company lies largely in Roe's hands as he cultivates and trains new talent. Our talent keeps us alive and we're thankful Roe has played such an integral role in our company for over a decade. 




Kerry – The Emcee of emcees is driven by connecting people and creating a space where people of all ages can celebrate together. Kerry played both high school and college football, but his passion is entertainment and connecting people. Kerry's personality, ability to connect, and dancing style all helped energize and empower WUDM for nearly eight hours!





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