Virtual events are rapidly becoming the norm. While they were initially looked upon as a fallback alternative –  that’s changing! Our team is here to provide you an incredibly successful, well produced event through a Virtual or Hybrid platform. The Virtual event wave may go from being a temporary solution to a long-term strategy. Many businesses are incorporating Virtual events into their long-term plans as it allows you to connect people without geographical limitations. After the Coronavirus isolation subsides, many nonprofit organizations should consider utilizing Virtual events as supplemental fundraisers to their annual in-person or Hybrid Galas. 

Why plan a virtual event with utopia?

  • Ninety-eight (98%) guest retention rating during our broadcasts.
  • Ninety-nine (99%) of our nonprofit partners have exceeded their fundraising goals.
  • Tailor the experience to your objectives.
  • Reach a larger audience. 
  • Lower your event costs.
  • Chat features – more engagement and interactive audience participation, especially through watch parties.
  • Less time commitment for attendees.
  • Precise data.
  • Connect people from all over the world!

A well-educated donor base expects a well-executed, professionally produced virtual event. If done properly, you have the opportunity to convert transactional donors to lifelong fans.

How Our Team Will Help:

  • Walk you through the process, from A to Z.
  • Design your program and create your timeline:
    • We’ll help you with sponsorship slides, live auction slides, silent auction slides, sponsor commercials, animations, lower thirds, transitions and overlays.
  • Assist with the registration process.
  • Recommend and partner with your mobile bidding platform and bring all of your auction items directly on screen.
  • Delegate onto our planning team all of the things you lose sleep over.
  • Monitor and thank bidders in real-time.
  • Help you create emotional, appealing video content.
  • Zero lag/latency on our streams, which is paramount for the success of your live auction.
  • Record your entire program for post-event sharing.

Most importantly, we are your virtual event partner as we are vested in your long-term fundraising success.

Fundraising tips

Create a Virtual landing page with all of your Virtual event information. Attendees will be able to access the virtual event registration and mobile bidding platform from this page. This is a great place to include videos and testimonials about your organization and your mission.

Work with our event production team to determine the best live-streaming platform for your organization and attendees. This is how your donors will watch the event, bid on auction items and donate at various giving levels. Minimizing latency is the most critical thing here. Our goal is to minimize delays so your auctioneer is able to accept bids and thank your donors in real-time. 

Open up your auction items several days before the event. This will encourage donors to bid on items and engage them prior to the day of your virtual event. Utilize your mobile bidding platform to inform your donors that they can start bidding! Consider leaving your silent auction open 2-24 hours after your event to maximize Virtual bidder participation.

There is a science to the order of your live auction. Partnering with a fundraising auctioneer will ensure that you are putting your live auction items in an order that will give you the highest ROI. A fundraising auctioneer will run your Virtual live auction the same way as an in-person event, ensuring engagement and excitement with your donors!

Utilize video to tug at the heartstrings of their donors. Video is an extremely powerful way to solicit donations during a Virtual event. Setting pre-determined giving levels makes donating from home a simple process and allows the auctioneer to thank each and every generous donor. Consider showcasing various watch parties throughout your Virtual event to keep your programming fun and interactive.


Please find a timeline that we have used as a template to plan hundreds of Virtual fundraisers with nonprofit organizations all over the United States. This is by no means the only way to run a successful Virtual Gala or fundraiser, it is simply a framework.

Our team will work closely with you and your auctioneer to create a ROS (run of show) that works for you and your organization based around your specific goals.


There are unlimited opportunities to incorporate video into your Virtual event. An example may include your CEO or Executive Director thanking everyone for joining. Our team is here to help storyboard and produce all of your video content so you can focus on cultivation and stewardship of your donors; creating a buzz and excitement around your Virtual event.

 The power of a strong story cannot be overstated. Utilize program specific and appeal (spotlight/paddle raise) videos to tug at the heartstrings of your donors. Video is an extremely powerful way to solicit donations during a Virtual event. The new fundraising world we are in creates an opportunity for you to appeal to all audiences, all over the world. Your best way to tell your story and connect with emotion is through your spotlight / appeal video.  This is your opportunity to show your organization’s impact out in the community, spotlight the recipients of your mission, and most importantly appeal to the most basic moral obligations or your donor base to positively impact other’s lives.


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