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Virtual events are rapidly becoming the norm. While they were initially looked upon as a fallback alternative –  that’s changing! Our team is here to provide the same experience of an in-person event, through a virtual or hybrid platform. In a recent webinar, we went through all of the dos and the don’ts of your virtual event. Watch our segment below! 

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     virtual fundraising event, you should plan your virtual fundraising event now.


    As graduation came closer, our faculty and staff struggled to find the best way to celebrate the class of 2020, while ensuring we were keeping our students and their families safe. From our first conversation with the Utopia Entertainment team, we knew that we were in the best of hands. Hosting a drive-in graduation, while not our original plan, allowed our students to celebrate their achievements together in a unique way. And one that they will never forget. It also allowed friends and family members to watch the live-stream from home. Thank you, Utopia, for not only making this event possible but for making it seamless, professional and more than anything, a celebration for our students and families!

    Fritz Long

    Dean of Students, Duchesne High School

    We hired Utopia to produce our online virtual auction when we had to cancel our live event at the last minute. This was the best decision we could have made. As one of the first organizations to host a simulcast “live” Live Auction, I can honestly say our success was due to the hard work, dedication, and professionalism from Utopia. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from our auction attendees. (For the first time in years, I didn’t get any negative feedback!) We were nervous about going virtual, and Utopia knocked it out of the park for us! They saved our event. Utopia made online bidding while sitting and looking at a screen fun! Utopia is by far the best production company out there! Thank you!

    Karen Dickerson

    Director Of Development, Quest Academy

    It’s really great because my colleagues are watching hundreds of virtual events, and I love it when I’m getting the feedback of “Wow, this is the best one we’ve seen yet!” And so there are no other kudos than to my production team of Utopia Entertainment then to say, thank you for making me look good, thank you for helping Quest Academy raise a great amount of money. I went into this wanting two things, and that was to make quest Academy happy with the job that we did and to go in knowing somebody had my back, and it was great knowing we finished that evening with both of those requests happening. Utopia, thank you so much, you guys were great, and I would not want to do another event without you by my side.

    Shannon Mays

    Professional Fundraising Auctioneer, Raising Paddles

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