Utopia Entertainment DJ's

Our DJ's study music so you don't have to.

The key to a truly artistic DJ is never knowing when the song changes.

Why Us?

We have built and maintained our reputation through our creative, thoughtful attention to detail. We never say we're better. We are different. You will never see our DJ's with an iPad. Rather, all of our DJ's are capable of scratching vinyl, integrating seamless transitions and using their tasteful music acumen to engage audiences of all ages. 
Great entertainment starts with the core. Our DJ's are students of their craft.

Have you ever been to an event where an awful transition was followed by a dance floor evacuation? A well versed, well trained DJ will transition music so seamlessly you and your guests won't realize the song has changed. Music matching and transitioning is critical in keeping the dance floor packed and keeping your guests engaged.

Should I hire a band or DJ?

We work with both and we are here to help you no matter which you choose. A few things to think about:

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DJ's naturally have a much larger variety of music to choose from. Your band is going to stick to a set song list at your event. Most bands have a limited number of songs on that list. That's not a good or a bad thing. If you're working with a professional band, surely their list will include high energy music to get your audience moving.


There are some AMAZING bands out there. There are also some AMAZING DJ's. What type of event ambiance are you looking for? What would make this event a win? 

Ask our staff to help you solve this one.

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Both great DJ's and bands can be hired for about the same starting price. Just remember the larger the band, the more expensive. 

Silent Disco DJ Party - Quiet Party


If you hire a band, consider having a DJ or multiple DJ's, as pictured in the above Silent Disco event, to play the band breaks and post-party!

“I got tired of going out and hearing horrible music, so I took it upon myself to learn music, how to scratch, how to transition, how to engage people, and never looked back.”
— DJ Brandon Mcwhite

What makes a great DJ?

Song selection is key. Beats per minute (BPM) is crucial. Our event planning staff will sit down with you before your event to go through a run of show and a timeline. During this meeting, we ask you bring all of your requested music. That music is then passed on to your DJ and organized by popularity and beats per minute (BPM). The key, never go from a song with 120BPM to a song with 80BPM.... that's a total buzz kill and guaranteed to clear your dance floor.

Club DJ vs Regular DJ?

All of our DJ's have the capability of both roles. Looking for reserved and moderate for an elegant and extravagant event? No problem. Just know, our DJ's are always ready for you to take the handcuffs off. The result? Watch the pulse in the room skyrocket as custom mixes, vinyl scratches, and transitions like you’ve never heard before change the energy of the room dramatically.

Where do we find our DJs?

The DJ community in the midwest is very close knit. We find our DJ's by attending competitive DJ events and watching live battles. We only audition the best so you're guaranteed to have one of the best DJ's in the country at your event.