Utopia DJ's

Our DJ's study music so you don't have to.

The key to a truly artistic DJ is never knowing when the song changes.
Photo by warrengoldswain/iStock / Getty Images

Why Us?

  • We have built and maintained our reputation by creating our own lane within high quality entertainment. Great entertainment starts with the core; our DJs. Our DJs are students of their craft. You know you have an amazing DJ when they're able to switch songs without your guests knowing.
“I got tired of going out and hearing horrible music, so I took it upon myself to learn music, how to scratch, how to transition, how to engage people, and never looked back.”
— DJ Brandon Mcwhite

What makes a great DJ?

  • Song selection is key. Beats per minute or BPM is crucial. Our event planning staff will sit down with you before your event to go through a run of show and a timeline. During this meeting, we ask you bring all of your requested music. That music is then passed on to your DJ and organized by popularity and beats per minute (BPM). The key, never go from a song with 120BPM to a song with 80BPM.... that's a total buzz kill and guaranteed to clear your dance floor.

Should I hire a band or DJ?

  • We work with a ton of DJ's and quite a few bands. Both have their strengths! A few things to think about:
    • Is variety important?
      • DJ's have a much larger variety of music to choose from.
    • What type of ambiance and music are you looking for?
      • There are some AMAZING bands out there! There are also some AMAZING DJ's. Ask our staff to help you solve this one.
    • How important is cost?
      • Expect to pay more for a band. The more band members, the more equipment, the more expensive the ticket.
    • Food for thought
      • If you do hire a band, consider having a DJ to play the breaks and post-party!

Where do we find our DJs?

  • The DJ community in the midwest is very close knit. We find our DJs by attending competitive DJ events and watching them battle. We only audition the best. You can find our DJ's in our studios Wednesday evenings battling and educating one another on new music… and when they aren’t working for Utopia, you can find them at some of the hottest nightclubs in the midwest.

Club DJ vs Regular DJ?

  • All of our DJs have the capability of both roles. Looking for reserved and moderate for an elegant and extravagant event? No problem. Just know, they are always ready for you to take the handcuffs off. The result? Watch the pulse in the room skyrocket as the speakers fill with custom mixes, vinyl scratches, and transitions like you’ve never heard before.