Create the event of your dreams through a transformed ambiance.

LED Moving head fixtures - Production lighting



If you've ever experienced a large live event, you've most likely seen LED moving fixtures. LED moving fixtures help create an atmosphere for any event centered around entertainment and energy. LED moving fixtures can be suspended from rigging (if your venue allows), elevated, stacked on trussing, or stacked on speakers. 

* We recommend using haze for a smoky ambiance. Our new technology does not tamper with smoke/fire detectors.



When properly programmed our lighting displays can swiftly alter many aspects of their optics, changing the personality of the light to give an upscale ambiance to any indoor or outdoor event. Our lighting fixtures offer intelligent color-changing LED's which are intensely saturated and color controllable for interior and exterior applications. These fixtures create intricate light shows, multi-colored intelligent beams, spotlights and a variety of effects and distributions.

We elevate these platforms via trussing or rigging so we don't monopolize dance floor space. These lighting displays bring high-end concert level production to your event.

LED UPLIGHTING -- Transform your event



Uplighting, and more specifically LED Uplighting, will give your event a mood enhancing, vibrant, beautiful and totally transformed event space.

  • Looking for warm and inviting? Try something in the red, orange or pink color spectrum.

  • Looking for a cool, clubby, modern appeal? Try something in the blue or purple color spectrum.

Event production laser lighting -- Laser Light show



Laser lighting is only for events looking for extremely high energy and packed dance floors. Laser lighting is totally customizable from moving and sweeping beams, to images and projections. Laser lighting images and applications are customizable for your specific event.