What: U.S. Bank Corporate Conference Party
When: September 10, 2019
Where: Missouri Botanical Gardens
Who: U.S. Bank, Strange Donuts, Exclusive Events, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Utopia Entertainment, Catering St. Louis, Fogarty Services

When you think corporate conference, you probably picture a hotel ballroom filled with chairs and a speaker up on a platform stage. Educational, but not very exciting. Company conferences are important, and they’re meant to be informative, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun.

U.S. Bank has the fun part down. To conclude their annual meeting, over 400 executives got together at the Missouri Botanical Gardens for a silent disco party. Complete with donuts, drinks, and dancing, their executives partied all night long.

It can be a challenge to appeal to three friends in your car when listening to the radio, let alone over 400 people. That’s why silent disco is so great. With three DJ’s playing three different genres of music, everyone is guaranteed to hear the music they like.

Everyone at the event was dancing, even if they weren’t dancing to the same song. Needless to say, silent disco isn’t just entertaining for those wearing the headphones, it’s also entertaining for the onlookers.

Silent disco also allows guests in attendance to talk to each other without screaming over the music. When 400 people get together, it gets loud. Because the music plays through headphones, once you take the headphones off, the music fades, and you’re able to have an intimate conversation with a coworker or friend. (Or listen to everyone else sing off-key to the music from their headphones!)

The U.S. Bank silent disco party was a great example that company culture is contagious. When you give your employees the opportunity to let their hair down, they will, and they’ll appreciate that you gave them the chance to do so.

A video recap and pictures of the event are below. Our Instagram has photos from all of our events, and you can read the rest of our blogs here.


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