Utopia LED Wireless Uplighting

Dramatically enhance the ambiance and environment of your event space.


What will Wireless LED Uplighting do for my event?

  • Uplighting, and more specifically LED Uplighting, will give your event a mood enhancing, vibrant, beautiful and totally transformed event space.
  • Looking for warm and inviting? Try something in the red, orange or pink color spectrum.
  • Looking for a cool, clubby, modern appeal? Try something in the blue or purple color spectrum.

How many colors do you have to choose from?

  • New technology is all about offering countless options, therefore, the color spectrum is relatively limitless. 
  • We have hundreds of colors to choose from. 
    • Fun Hint-- Try choosing two colors (ie-- blue and white) and place them every other light for an  elegant affect.

One important note on Wireless LED Uplighting

  • Make sure you opt for Wireless LED Lights. They use way less energy, are cool to the touch, and you don't have to worry about your guests tripping over power cords. Further, make sure the company handling your uplighting will have someone on site throughout your event in case of technical issues.