Turkey Trots 2019


Every family starts their Thanksgiving a little differently. Energy would be the common denominator that unites the Utopia team with the 20,000 people that join us for the Fleet Feet Turkey Trots each year. 


The Fleet Feet Turkey Trots brings together families of varying cultures, age and demographics. We all come together to start the day out with health and energy in mind and to celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving – a day of gratitude spent with family & friends in celebration of life. We’re grateful that producing the Turkey Trot has allowed us to facilitate creating a space that brings families together through energy and celebration.


Turkey Trots have made Thanksgiving Day the most popular day for a race in the U.S. That’s according to Running USA, which reported that more than 1 million runners registered to run or walk in races of a variety of distances across the nation in 2018.



Utopia and the Turkey Trots

You will find the Utopia team at Turkey Trots all over the St. Louis area, from Downtown, to Six Flags and the Family Arena. We are there largely to energize participants, play great music, and to create an environment that excites and energizes people, all as the sun rises.


As the Turkey Trot runs have scaled, so has Utopia’s involvement. On top of our DJs and Emcees, we now provide AV, staging,  and video teams to capture the celebration. 


The energy is electric from the beginning to end. Our emcees take the stage to start a pre-run warmup. A crowd of a few brave participants quickly turns into a crowd of 10,000, and many get lost in the intangible energy. This energy propels the runners through the race. The day culminates with a massive dance party as walkers and runners complete their 1k/5k. The crowd is vast and the demographic is diverse. This allows our DJ’s to play different genres of music to appeal to the kids, parents, and everyone in between.


Last year we created a highlight video to help market and share the Fleet Feet Turkey Trot celebrations. You can watch the video below.

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