The Event Industry During Coronavirus Outbreak

Live Events Industry Will Thrive During Coronavirus Outbreak, But Only If They Do This One Thing


With every major live event including Coachella, Stagecoach, and all major league sports, indefinitely postponed due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, many event industry professionals are suddenly left with open calendars…and empty wallets. 


The event industry during the coronavirus outbreak poses an interesting opportunity for event planners and facilitators. 


Yes, I said opportunity.


If we have learned anything from this quarantine, it is that people are craving human connection now more than ever. So how can the events industry lead the charge on bringing people together, when 90% of us are not even allowed to leave the house?


Simple…host more digital gatherings.


Utilizing Technology During The Coronavirus Quarantine


Many of us may have used digital conferencing platforms before this COVID-19 epidemic swept the globe, but we never thought to use a digital platform to host happy hours or game nights with friends. 


Skype and FaceTime were reserved for connecting with long-distance relatives, and Zoom was mostly used at work for those boring client meetings that no one wanted to attend.


Yet now, “hopping on a Zoom” has become part of the national zeitgeist, with kids and adults of all ages using the digital conferencing platform to host all kinds of online parties, events, summits, and social gatherings.


Heck, even our parents are embracing Zoom, throwing neighborhood BINGO nights and Book Clubs from the comfort of their living rooms. Digital events are allowing us all to obey the social distancing rules while still having a great time connecting with friends, something we could all use right about now.


And connecting people is where the magic lies… The event industry during the coronavirus outbreak


If You Host It, They Will Come

Becoming the company who puts on incredible digital events will allow event planners to stay afloat during this chaotic time of uncertainty, and will set these maverick companies up to become leaders in their industry when everything (hopefully) returns to normal. 


Never in our history have more people been home-bound, with so much free time on their hands. People are begging for online content, especially of the educational and interactive variety.


Notice all of the musicians—the likes of John Legend, Dave Matthews, and Lady Antebellum—who are live-streaming concerts into people’s living rooms. And fans are eating it up.


So, instead of worrying about live events that are now in limbo, why not set your company up for success by providing your clients the ultimate online experience?

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