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"If you are looking for guaranteed satisfaction with a DJ....THEN HIRE UTOPIA!!! We hired them for my daughters Bat Mitzvah and honestly, when I heard the price, I really felt nervous about the investment. No doubt you can find a DJ that costs less, BUT UTOPIA ISN'T JUST A DJ!! Utopia really is a team of beyond amazing entertainers who will keep your entire group, adults and children, having a great time. They come with their DJ, an Emcee, and dancers. Their set-up and lighting keep you interested, but the highlight is 100% Kerry - who Emcee'd our event. Kerry is all about making your event a blast. He doesn't stop moving, dancing and entertaining. He remembered the names of the kids (I mean ALL of the kids, not just the host family) and adults and made each and everyone feel special. Utopia kept the kids active and busy during the cocktail hour so the adults could talk, then they smoothly transitioned into a 'grand entrance' for our family. They played all genres of music and picked perfect background pieces during the dinner hour. When the kids were done eating (which took all of 10 minutes), Kerry and his crew kicked right in and kept the kids busy with games, trivia, and other distractions so we adults could finish our meal uninterrupted. When it was time to begin the dance, their team cranked up the energy and it was next to impossible for anyone to keep in their seats. Most of our adult guests were dashing to participate (including me!), and those that chose to relax and sit were really enjoying watching us on the dance floor. Kerry had my 77 year-old father doing the moon-walk across the dance floor and I haven't seen my dad smile like that in years. The dancers that accompany Kerry are right in step and easy to see so everyone can learn dance moves. The energy was non-stop during the dance time. Very few people left the party early because of Utopia. To top the whole thing off - Neale (the owner of Utopia) and his son Joey (who handled all of the business interactions with me) were both there to assure our satisfaction. It is very clear in hindsight that if I had hired 'just a DJ', I wouldn't have had so many happy and interactive guests. The Utopia team was so amazing that I didn't have to worry about any of my guests, no stressing if the kids were wandering off, and mostly I was able to enjoy the night without any worries. To sum it up....UTOPIA IS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND MORE! This is the company to hire if you want to have a perfect party!!"

Michelle S.




The Red Solo Cup Party was a blast... thanks in large part to your staff-- please let them know how happy we are with their services! I will be using you again next year."

Laura Hodges, Director of Membership Country Club of St. Albans





"We thought the party was great and you did your usual fantastic job or orchestrating and timing it- thank you very much. We thought the dancers were fabulous and had many of our friends say the same. Working with you is a pleasure. You are easy to work with and we have the upmost confidence in you and the product you deliver."

Isaacs Family

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"I have to thank you again! EVERYONE commented on how fantastic the DJ was.. Your team was unbelievable and had the dancing going until the last minute. Please thank every one again."


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"I wanted to tell you what a GREAT party it was! Everyone had a blast! The emcee was FABULOUS, and the DJ and dancers, too! It was the first Bar Mitzvah for all of the people at our table and they were WOWED!"

Tracey S.

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"Utopia Entertainment was amazing from start to finish! We hired them for our daughter’s bat mitzvah and they not only made the party a hit, but were a pleasure to work with! Neal (owner) was a problem-solver and had professional follow-through on every detail! Our MC, Kerry, knew how to entertain the kids and get everyone- even 7th grade boys- on the dance floor and moving! The dancers had tremendous energy and never forgot that the real “star” was our daughter and her friends. Last, but not least, Joey filmed all the action and streamed it onto their screens then made a keepsake video so we could always remember this incredible celebration. I would recommend UTOPIA to anyone!”"

Deutsch Family

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"IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!! I have nothing but the best things to say about your people! Kerry was amazing and so were all of the dancers! Everyone had the best time and there was great energy and I can't say enough! Thank you so much for everything. It was a night I will never forget and the dancing was the best party because they energized both the kids and adults! All the best to you!!! I will highly recommend you! :)"

Jill M.





"I used Utopia for my sons bar mitzvah. The evening was one to remember forever. Utopia gave my son such individual attention and made him and all of his guests feel so special. They are sure to provide an amazing experience."

Joy M.