The St Louis Slow Motion Video Booth

You want keepsakes from your event, we get it. We love hanging cute pictures on the fridge and framing them as well. Honestly, how many more picture frames can you fill up? How many more creative poses can we come up with to keep photo booth unique!?

Enter slow motion video booth. Allow your guests to be much more creatively involved.

How is this different than a photo booth?

  • New technology is all about offering unique options. Slow motion video comes with an operator (or two), lighting, cameras, and social media sharing capabilities.
  • Your guests will have 5 seconds to show their best moves and funniest faces.  
  • All the slow motion videos from the evening will loop for the course of your event on our TV, providing comic relief for all.
  • After your event, you will receive a highlight video to music (similar to the above) with all of the videos captured from your event. You and your guests can then share on Facebook, Instagram and any other social platforms!