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SSM Cardinal Glennon Gallop and Sun Run

WHO: SSM Cardinal Glennon

WHEN: September 22nd and September 30th, 2018

WHY: Girl Scouts LOVE a good ceremony, so to celebrate their 100th, they went big! We closed down the iconic Eads Bridge to vehicle traffic, and hosted a Council-wide ceremonial walk across the bridge. The event was open to Girl Scouts and all who support the mission of building G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders) who stand up, take charge and make the world a better place.

WHAT:  Bringing the Girl Scouts of Missouri and families together in celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouts. 

HOW WE HELPED: Retention and Energy. Utopia Entertainment provided a Stage, Speakers, Audio Engineer, DJ, Emcee, Dancer,  and Photo Booth- creating the environment that helped bring all the Girls together in celebration of a collective mission, to empower and enrich!


We are proud to be partnered with Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and to have the opportunity to work with so many young, inspirational people for such an amazing cause. We're thrilled to be an ongoing partner as every time we work with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, it brings us gratification to watch these girls grow and develop. We're happy to be part of an organization whose mission is to teach, proctor and build these girls up for a foundation of a lifetime of success.  

THE PICTURES from Glennon Gallop



Nick Gates - Best choreographer and dancer

Nick – The Emcee that has been with Utopia since the beginning. Nick's versatile dancing style includes hip-hop, bboy, krump and break dancing. Nick's passion is connecting audiences to a mission through the energy of collective dance and celebration.






Kerry – The Emcee of emcees is driven by connecting people and creating a space where people of all ages can celebrate together. Kerry played both high school and college football, but his passion is entertainment and connecting people. Kerry's personality, ability to connect, and dancing style all helped energize and empower MizzouThon for nearly 13 hours! 

Roe White-- DJ's DJ

Roe – Our Lead DJ, Roe White, has been with Utopia for 14 years. Roe started as a dancer, became an Emcee, but his true passion -- where he found his love, was behind the DJ booth on the turntables as our lead DJ. Roe is also an owner of Utopia. The fate of the company lies largely in Roe's hands as he cultivates and trains new talent. Our talent keeps us alive and we're thankful Roe has played such an integral role in our company for over a decade. 



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