Spice Up Your Event with Silent Disco

3 DJs – 3 Genres – 1 Successful Event

So what is Silent Disco?

It doesn’t actually have anything to do with disco, well unless you want it to…

Silent Disco is an event where you wear a special wireless pair of noise-canceling headphones. You have the option to tune into your choice of music that the DJ is playing. The best part is you get to pick the music genres you want to hear. Typically there will be 3 channels for R&B or Country, Oldies and the latest hits.

The catch is that there’s no actual music being played aloud. Instead, the music is playing in the ears of the guests, who have the ability to switch between one DJ and the other. If you choose to, you can have background music playing at a low level so the room isn’t totally quiet. You get to choose the jam that moves you! Not only is it a auditorily pleasing, but visually. The headphones light up on the sides in bright LED colors to the channel you are listening to. As a group you collectively start vibing with the people you’re nearby or even across the venue. Your dance moves become in alignment and you know you are listening to the same DJ without even looking.

It provides social inclusion. You feel a sense of belonging! The energy is wildly contagious. Studies have been done that Silent Disco helps with mental health and anxiety. It brings the extra out of the introverts and connects people.

You control the volume of the headphones as well. At this event you won’t strain your voice screaming over blaring music to have a conversation with your friends. All you have to do is lift the silent disco headphones off to mingle or just to hear each other laugh because you can’t believe how much fun it really is!

At some point during the party make sure you slide your headphones off and take a look around at the crowd. You’ll get a chuckle seeing your friends singing and getting their groove on with mostly silence throughout the room.

Silent Disco is great for venues with noise ordinances, or for parties with a wide-age demographic and different music tastes. We’ve seen guests from 8 to 80 and attendance from 50 to 1,000, enjoy their time on the silent dancefloor. This latest trend is perfect for Corporate Events, Nonprofit Events, Fundraisers, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Wedding After Parties, Quinceaneras or any social event to keep guests entertained all night.If you have yet to experience Silent Disco, 2020 is the year!

When you’re ready to book your silent disco party, call our team. We promise to make your event epic.

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