Quest Academy Virtual Auction

Quest Academy virtual auction

Talk about changing times. We just produced our first virtual gala! From our studio, we produced the first-ever online gala  for Quest Academy out of Chicago.  

Our studio looked like a Hollywood set.  Multiple cameras, lighting, video monitors, soundboard, microphones and one of the walls painted green to produce superimposed “green screen” settings to fit the theme of the night.  

Behind the cameras there was Roe. Switching from the pre-recorded videos of auction items to live video behind the turntables, getting everyone moving from the comfort of their living rooms. 



“We feel that you guys saved our event for us. We had no idea what to expect, we’ve always been about the big event in the ballroom and I honestly believe the funds we raised were because you and the professionalism you brought.”

Karen Dickerson

Director of Development, Quest Academy

Our Partnerships

A special thanks to Raising Paddles and auctioneer extraordinaire Shannon Mays for not only bringing us onto the event with Quest Academy but for professional work as the emcee for the event  – making the fundraising exciting, fun and exceeding expectations.  Shannon and her partner Erin Williams brought such energy and enthusiasm that the  two hour event was seamless and fast-paced! 

“It’s really great because my colleagues have been watching hundreds of videos and this is the best one they’ve seen yet.”

Shannon Mays

Fundraising Auctioneer, Raising Paddles

The spotlight video produced by our video team headed by Matt brought tears of joy and illustrated the incredible connection of students and teachers even during a time when in-person learning was put on hold and new doors opened through online learning.

“I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback.  For the first time in years, I haven’t gotten any negative feedback!” –Karen Dickerson, Quest Academy

We LOVE our partnership with Quest Acadmeny … and now we’re headed to Chicago to produce their first “Drive-In” graduation!  

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Testimonial from Karen Dickerson, Quest Academy’s Director of Development on Utopia Entertainment’s help with the auction.

We are so thankful for Roe and all of the work he put in on the backend. The technical and production elements of the event did not go unnoticed!

Testimonial from Shannon Mays of Raising Paddles on Utopia Entertainment helping to follow through with the elements of the event that were most important.

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