7 Reasons You Should Hire a Pro For Your Next Virtual Event

7 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional to Host Your Next Virtual Event

How a production company can take your next Zoom call from sad to show-stopping (and it’s surprisingly affordable!)


From the Grammy Museum to Broadway, many of the world’s biggest in-person venues are creating top-of-the-line virtual events. These events give fans access to incredible live-like content during this unprecedented time in history. 


With the entire world being forced to watch the same boring Zoom calls day in and day out, creating a unique and entertaining virtual event should be top-of-mind for every industry right now.


Not sure how to create a virtual event that looks more like the Super Bowl Half-Time Show and less like trying to teach your grandparents to use FaceTime? The answer is simple: bring in the experts. 


Here are 7 ways a professional production company can turn your next virtual event into a show-stopping masterpiece:

#1 – Help You Connect With More People

Although virtual events can never replace the heart-to-heart connection that live events can create, they do offer some opportunities that live events just can’t. Every in-person event has a maximum attendee count based on venue size. But attendance limits on virtual events can swell into the thousands. This allows your content to reach a much larger audience than it would have if your event was held at a hotel or convention center. 

#2 – Increase Audience Engagement

Plus, in-person events oftentimes fall short on engagement. Attendee participation is often at a minimum as audience members are required to sit for lengthy amounts of time. By utilizing plugins like Kahoot! you can host interactive games and quizzes to keep your online participants engaged in a fun and playful way. 

#3 – Make Your Event Stand Out From The Crowd

Screen sharing options on video conferencing apps are limited. But production companies know how to get the most out of the content you’re recording. For example, did you know that you can take your Zoom call and add split screens, custom video intros and outros, or an industry expert Q&A to your virtual event? A production company can even have a live DJ spinning a set while your virtual guests mix and mingle during happy hour. How cool is that? 

The pros know how to utilize audio and video-switching interfaces to create a sleek, stylish, and unique online event. Unless you have video editing experience, leveraging a professional team to help stylize your message will take your content from ordinary to extraordinary.

#4 – Create Multiple Pieces of Content from One Recording

Sending content you already have to a professional editing team will allow them to create and repurpose long-form content. They can create short-form pieces, which can then be sent to customers and fans over many weeks or months. Share a positive message from your CEO, highlight individual customer success stories, or showcase your employees during this time! These are all examples of quick, easy-to-share content that can be pulled from a longer clip. Engaging with your customers and clients in this way is a wonderful way to stay connected during this time.

#5 – Leverage Social Media to Reach a Wider Audience

You’ve invested in creating a world-class virtual event. Now, you need to get people interested in attending. Professional production companies can guide you through sharing your message on social media. They can also connect you with the right marketing expert who can help you find the perfect audience for your message. With a massive social media uptick in the last 4 weeks due to the coronavirus quarantine, now is the best time to get active on social media, especially by sharing world-class video content. 

#6 – Share Virtual Content That Lasts Forever

Virtual events are a great way to supplement your in-person events, especially if your company or clients are looking for evergreen content. Creating professional videos to share with your clients, fans, supporters, donors and advocates creates a “wow” factor that many companies aren’t yet taking advantage of. A professional production company can help you brainstorm shareable ideas, or rework existing video into fun, engaging, and relevant content for your audience to consume during quarantine. Bonus: these videos can be shared over and over, creating a longer-lasting effect than a one-time live event.

#7 – Save Money By Going Virtual

Most live events cost tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars to produce. Now you can reallocate some of those funds to create an incredible virtual event that can reach thousands of more people. Room size, food and entertainment, and other overhead costs of renting live meeting space are not a factor when planning a virtual event. 


For a fraction of what you’d normally spend on your in-person event, you can now hire a professional production company that understands the most effective, entertaining, and unique way to engage your audience through virtual events. Plus, they have all the latest technology to produce your events smoothly and seamlessly.


Want to know more about hosting a successful virtual event? Click here to watch our free webinar.

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