Producing a Successful Virtual Event

Producing a successful Virtual Event

Virtual events are rapidly becoming the norm. While they were initially looked upon as a fallback alternative –  that’s changing!

Will virtual events disappear?

Not likely.  The overwhelming financial success rate has given virtual events more than a temporary platform. Why? Well for starters they allow those connected to a cause to give and participate from the comfort of home.  

Virtual events allow the organization to reach beyond geographic proximity. The mission when communicated online becomes more centric and focused. It’s less costly for the host organization, and it doesn’t require the same time investment of guests and donors. 

What will happen when society opens back up to public events?

Galas and fundraisers will return as the primary source to raise funds and communicate the mission. Virtual events will continue – both as a live stream supplement to an actual event as well as a secondary option to reach out and maintain connection, and provide an alternative fundraising platform.

How to host a successful Virtual Event!

Make it fun! –  An energetic, engaging host sets the mood, creates excitement. An auctioneer and a professional host make the event! We love having the opportunity to work with both Raising Paddles and A Higher Calling Fundraising Solutions. 

Have a theme for the broadcast that’s communicated visually and through “green screen” backgrounds.

Utilize music for introductions, interludes and entertainment with a DJ live in-studio to generate togetherness and energy.  Music helps to emit emotion.  Below are a couple of examples of what our talent brings to a virtual event. 


The 3 ‘P’S’ – Plan, Prepare, Practice

  1. PLAN: Plan out your speakers, auction items (both live and silent) and run of show. It helps to have key speaker’s messages pre-recorded.

2. PREPARE: Prepare auction items by having videos and pictures of key items including silent auction items. Prepare and have a fund the future video to convey the mission and supplement fundraising, generate connection and emotion for your donor base.

3. PRACTICE: Practice running through your agenda ahead of time. Timing and flow can be seamless if you walk through your event ahead of time. Practice with your production team and the cameras, and microphones in the studio.

Professional Production

Production provides a professional element to your event.  A production team works behind the scenes to provide clarity with visuals, speakers both with the picture your donors see online as well as the quality of sound.  No matter how direct and passionate your message may be, if it’s not delivered with professional clarity, the message will be diminished.

Utilize a production team to create graphics, highlight sponsors and key donors streaming on the screen, and design sets that fit your theme in a dedicated studio.

Hire a mobile bidding company. Choose from one of these below as they are experts in producing both in-person and virtual auctions all over the country 

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The energy our auctioneer partners bring to a live auction can’t be beaten. Our team will bring the same level of excitement through your computer screen that you’re used to seeing in person! 

Include pre-recorded videos into your virtual event to help streamline the event and ensure that your attendees are able to see some familiar faces. 

Working with a professional production team to produce your virtual auction will not only make your event unique but ensure its produced with the highest quality possible.

The Pro’s of a Virtual Event 

A virtual event can not replicate the connection that an in-person event brings. However, virtual events don’t have the same limitations that in-person events often do. The video below touches on how virtual events lift some of the restrictions of in-person events. 

More Resources

For a more in-depth look into how we brought Quest Academy’s first virtual event to life, read our event recap here. Ready to produce your virtual fundraising event? This video is our virtual fundraising 101. It highlights everything you need to think about when planning a virtual event. Watch it here or below.

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