Private Party

From a high school graduation party to a 50th birthday party, our team will keep your guests on their feet all night long. This is your night to celebrate and spend time with the people you love the most. We’re here to help foster camaraderie and create lifelong memories. 


Silent Disco

Each guest receives a pair of headphones and can tune in to one of the several DJ’s playing music. What makes silent disco unique and a qualifier for a high-tech event? It allows for a party like atmosphere but also intimate conversation. When guests take their headphones off, they can partake in conversation without music as an interruption.

Red Carpet Welcome

Immediately greet your guests with a cocktail and a photo! Make them feel like a celebrity when they walk into the room. This is a great opportunity to capture pictures or stream live video on to projections in the main ballroom. 

Interactive Entertainment

Our emcees are not your local news anchor or meteorologist. These are the emcees that created the term “emcee.” Keep people engaged with high energy, interactive fun. Great for events where you don’t feel this type of interaction will work – trust us, it will.


We can help you create an environment that your guests won’t forget. From uplighting to moving heads, there are countless ways to transform the ambiance of the room. 


Basic Outdoor Staging

Basic Indoor Setup



Gobo Lighting


Laser Lighting

Moving Head/Spot Lights

Let Us Make Your Next Event a Utopia Event

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