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Watching Utopia Entertainment dance with our kids and families and capture the student body has brought a new dynamic to MizzouThon.  Now in their 3rd year with us, their club-style DJ and energetic dancing emcee’s make hours pass in a flash.  We’re happy to partner and welcome their sponsorship and we can’t wait to dance the night away with Utopia!  More than just entertainment, Utopia provides our production needs with professional sound and lighting.  Their division dedicated to video creation and full-service videography from highlight reels to mission videos ensure that all the best parts of the event are captured.  We love knowing Utopia’s partnership allows Mizzouthon to fulfill both entertainment and production with one call.  Below is a video they created from our 2018 Main Event and pictures from both 2018 and 2019.  Learn more about MizzouThon and its mission here.

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Kerry was one of Utopia’s original emcees. He has been connecting people and creating a space for all individuals to come together in celebration for years. His personality is contagious and his energy never fizzles. He doesn’t stop moving for the entire 13.1 hours of the event.


Roe grew with Utopia. Starting as a dancer and moving onto an emcee and finally a DJ, Roe’s job is to train all new talent as well as run the production side of the business. He spins on vinyl and his catalog of music is more than enough to last an entire main event.


Jordi is a MizzouThon alum and was a tri-director for the 2018 main event. She had such a great experience working with Utopia that she joined their team after she graduated. It’s great to have someone on the Utopia team that understands MizzouThon inside and out (and is FTK).

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