Planning a Mitzvah?

Whether it’s your first or fourth, planning your child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah comes with a lot of decisions. Our goal is to ensure Uncle Tom from the East Coast and Grandma Nancy from the West Coast are able to come together in unbridled celebration. We will create community, connection and camaraderie! From the first timeline meeting to the night of the event, our team is here so that you can enjoy this milestone and spend time with your family. The details? We’ve got that covered. 

We’ve produced and entertained at over one thousand Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. Our Mitzvah planning checklist is Kosher approved and will give you all the insider insight of a Bar and Bat Mitzvah planning Maven! If you have more questions read the blog Neal, the Mitzvah Maven wrote!

Examples of Set-Ups

Bat Mitzvah in Memphis, TN at Congregation Temple Israel.

This family used our LED wall to project their logo and montage, as well as live feed from the DJ. We also used our moving head lighting, stage boxes, a DJ, emcee and two dancers.

Bat Mitzvah in St. Louis, MO at Meadowbrook Country Club.

We used our TV screens for the logo and montage, stage boxes, gobo lighting, four moving heads and LED BackLit DJ panels. Our videographer captured the ceremony and party. This party had a DJ, Emcee and Three Motivational Dancers.


Regardless of age, our team will create an absolute uninhibited celebration. Our dancers are there to motivate, our emcees to bring people together and our DJ’s to mix to the beat of your guests. No iPads here. Our DJ’s are all capable of scratching on vinyl and integrate seamless transitions. You won’t know when the song changes! Not only do our Emcees bring high energy, they are also there to oversee and facilitate the timeline of the party. And our Dancers are there to teach, guide and engage your guests, even the ones with two left feet. A management staff member is also always on site.


From moving heads to gobos, lighting sets the mood of your event. If you are looking to create a classic look, utilize uplights around the perimeter of the room. For a club like look, try black lights or laser lighting. For all our lighting options, check out our blog below:


Bar Mitzvah’s and Bat Mitzvah’s are milestones for your family. Our video team will capture the candid moments so that you may forever look back on the memories you remember, and even the moments you may have missed by simply pressing play.


From the first phone call until the last guest leaves, we are here with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is everything you envision. A member of our management team is at your event to oversee and allow you to be a guest on your special night.

  • Sports Theme (Hockey, Football, Baseball, etc.)
  • TV and Movie Theme (Red Carpet, Oscars, Hollywood)
  • Candyland Theme
  • Beach/Tropical/Luau Theme
  • Camp Theme
  • Music Theme (Rock n’ Roll, Coachella, LalaPalooza, Concert)
  • Game Theme (Game Show, Specific Board Game)
  • Season/Fall Themed (Winter Wonderland, Halloween, Florals etc.)
  • Fashion Themed
  • Under the Sea
  • Superhero Theme (Wonder Woman, Bat Man etc.)
  • Outerspace Theme
  • Dancing with the Stars Theme

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