Planning A Mitzvah: Where to Start

We’ve worked with so many Mitzvah families over our 17 years in business.  We’re frequently asked, “Where do I start planning my child’s Mitzvah; what’s first?”



When planning a Mitzvah, we ask “Mitzvah Moms,” a few initial questions to ponder before they jump into decisions,  and hopefully, we can help reduce anxiety.   Funny, when families visit our offices to work on a timeline and plan for their parties, I’ll generally ask the honored Mitzvah teen … are you excited, how’s your Haftorah, have you written your speech…?   They’re usually calm and collected and show more concern for the music at their party than prepping for their big day. But their parents’ pressure of planning such an event induces a different level of stress.


We find guidance on the front end, and having one of our management team members to help create a timeline and be on hand to oversee the flow of the night allows the family to enjoy the evening as if they were a guest at their own party.  Most importantly, we convey to the families how fast the celebration passes after all that planning … so make sure when the night arrives…take it in and enjoy the momentous occasion, time with family and friends, guests who have traveled from near and far to celebrate.


First, you have to ask yourself and family …and of course, the Mitzvah child, “What kind of celebration best fits our family and friends?”   




*Venue – once you’ve determined what kind of party or celebratory event you want to host – look to book a respective venue than can accommodate the size of your event, within your budget, and the location is workable for you and your guests.

*Entertainment – talk to friends that have had similar events to what you envision and get recommendations.  Ask your child what they want for entertainment. When one of my own children was Mitzvah’d, I strongly advocated having a band…thinking what can be better than live music. Wrong! My son quickly let me know he had to have a DJ .. and not just any DJ…they had to be attuned to his music tastes. Mitzvah celebrations have many moving parts though out the evening…interview your entertainment options to find out their experience, expertise and what innovative ideas they can present for your celebration. I remind clients all the time, “as the evening concludes and guests are walking to their cars; it’s not the chicken they’ll be talking about. Bringing family and friends, together with engaging entertainment makes the night memorable.”

*Photography / Video – Look to reserve your photographer and if you so chose to have video of the night – as one of your initial steps.  Ask to see pictures and video examples from like events. Video and photography is your keepsake from a memorable evening. You’ll find the evening passes so quickly that there will be moments that night that you missed.  Having great pictures and a video capsule allows you to relive the night at a pace where you can take it all in. As importantly, you’ve created a keepsake for generations.



Remember, you’re planning a celebration for a milestone achievement in your child’s life. This day will be one that your family will remember for a long time, and you should be able to spend the day with your loved ones, not running the timeline that night. Our team is here every step of the way.


For a look at all of our mitzvah services, a mitzvah planning checklist and theme ideas, head over to our mitzvah page.

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