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LED Video Wall Production Wall




A decade ago, LED technology was just being introduced into the market. Fast forward ten years and this disruptive technology has become the most impactful way to showcase videos, photos and slide shows during your event. The screens are efficient, designed for high illumination making them great for both indoor and outdoor events, and the seamless panels are bezeled together, allowing for unlimited sizing options.

Girl Scouts MO Bridging the Next 100 Years

Ground Stacked or Elevated Speakers


Ground Stacked or Elevated Speaker System

These sound systems are larger portable speakers used by many bands, musicians and DJ's for performances. These setups are either elevated on trussing, or stacked on either side of staging. Stacked speakers are ideal in indoor event setups where long throws aren't needed. Elevated speaker setups may be used out doors where larger range projection is required.

To the left is an example of an elevated speaker system used outdoors. This setup utilizes four top speakers and four subwoofers, providing enough sound for crowds of 2500 people. This particular setup was what we used at the Girl Scouts MO "Bridge to the Next Century" event. 

Line Array Sound System-- Speakers for musicians, DJ's, live band

Line Array Sound System


The Line Array is a loudspeaker system made up of a number of usually identical loud speaker elements typically mounted in a vertical line. What does that mean for your event? The distance between adjacent speakers is close enough to constructively send sound waves much further (and with a much more evenly distributed sound output pattern) than your traditional speaker system.

Line arrays are very useful for focusing sound at audiences without wasting output energy on ceilings or empty air above the audience. This makes them the ideal setup for larger audiences and longer rooms. Specific cases may apply where the indoor space has a high enough and long enough throw to warrant the use of a line array system, but we typically recommend outdoor use only.

Line arrays will provide sound for 2500-100,000+ people.