Mastermind Seminar RECAP

Planning a successful fundraiser starts with helping organizations more effectively share their stories through event experiences and video. The goal; to deeply and profoundly connect people emotionally. To unite hearts through properly articulating your WHY and to help you create lifelong memories through your experiences.

During our Mastermind Seminar  we glean and grow, we learn and connect with intention and purpose. We share, and feel psychological and physiological safety in an environment where everyone is committed to being fully alive, at their very best.

Our goal is to bring out the collective wisdom of the group, to imagine what’s possible when we all come together and live ON FIRE radically inspired by our purpose and our WHY. And how we can take that newfound energy and translate it to everything we do – our donor meetings, our partnerships, our events and our videos.


Follow your different.

What we’ve discovered through meeting with various nonprofit organizations and hosting a multitude of focus groups  – attendees of nonprofit fundraisers have “gala syndrome.” Remember, your attendees are attending various events quite frequently. To plan a successful fundraising event, you have to provide them a once-in-a-lifetime experience and create an emotional connection to the cause.

WHY are we different? 


Answer the following questions:

  1. What makes our event so special?
  2. Are we creating the most unique, engaging experience possible for our attendees?
  3. What new possibilities are open to us if we convert “fair-weather donors” to lifelong raving fans?
    • How might that influence our community, our city, our state, the world?
  4. Why would someone want to attend our event?
  5. What do our donors love about us? What would they like to see?

Why would someone want to attend our event(s)? Are we simply filling seats?


Not every attendee is the right attendee and THAT IS OK! Evaluate your attendees by their interest in the cause and their level of emotional intimacy for what you provide. A young, undeveloped donor may only contribute $100 now, but if we cultivate and steward (with LOTS of gratitude) properly, what might that donor contribute over his or her lifetime?

Each table should have table captains responsible for bringing people. Your table captains should be strategically placed to connect with new attendees and those that are unfamiliar with your mission.

Always remember, your guest experience begins when your guests park. How are they being transported to your event?

Here’s an interesting idea: Spend a bit less on decorations and pick up your top donors in a Limo or UBER XL. In the car, have champagne ready for them along with a handwritten card from one of your recipients. This is part of your gratitude plan.
Go the extra mile to ensure your sponsors, donors and attendees feel exceptional and appreciated.


The Stats

  • 86% of guests are willing to pay more for a great guest experience.
  • 73% of guests point to your guest experience as the most important factor on whether or not they will attend your event.
  • Creating an excellent guest experience results in a 42% improvement in retention and guests are likely to spend 200% more at your event if you connect with them! Remember, you may be in the red at your event, but now you have 150+ hearts connected to your mission that would take a coffee meeting post-event with your development team. Now it’s time to cultivate!



Your fund the future video should answer the following questions:

  1. Why do we do what we do?
  2. How will supporting us impact the world?
  3. Who do we serve and why?
  4. What does a donation provide for the recipients?

Length should be over three minutes, but less than five minutes. Watch more videos here.



Your highlight video should answer the following questions:

  1. What benefits will I receive by attending the event?
  2. How much do I miss out on by not being involved?
  3. Length of the video should be 2-3 minutes

    Use 30-second clips when posting on social media. For more videos, click here. 


Survey your donors/alumni/sponsors supporting your organization and ask:

  • Why do you support us?
  • How has supporting us created opportunities for the recipients, your kids, the community, the world?

    Create a video around your findings intentionally pulling at their emotional heart-strings.


Your mission video should tell your story and answer the following questions: 

  • Who are we and what does our organization do?
  • Why do we exist?
  • What are our core values?
  • What is the greatest need we fill in our community?
  • What are our strengths and superpowers?

The length should be between 4-6 minutes. 


We thought you may find the below resources helpful as you plan your various fundraising events and look to film your next appeal video(s). Take your nonprofit to the next level with our free templates, guides, worksheets and checklists. It’s time to ‘FOLLOW YOUR DIFFERENT’ and plan your most successful fundraising event ever. 

THE mastermind seminar ATTENDEES 

Amethyst Place

Camp Quality


Olathe health

Horizon Academy




Bright Futures Fund

The whole person

Sunflower house

COmmunity Partnership


Boys & Girls Club

Midland care


ALS Association

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