Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network

Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network Virtual Event

Johnson County’s Virtual Gala Homeward Bound hit a home run!

Last month in the Utopia Entertainment studios we hosted yet another virtual fundraiser to help raise funds for a noble cause.

Working with Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) out of Kansas City we were able to help produce their first-ever virtual event, Homeward Bound 2020.  Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network is a nonprofit organization providing essential life and financial skills while sheltering homeless families and single women in places of worship.

JohnSon county: video testimonials

You gave us the confidence that we could pull this off. You gave us help with not only the technical side but what auction items would work, how we should give information to our donors, how do we connect with our donors in order to get them to commit to this. It was a lot of holding our hands.”

-Dianne Kelly

The Whole Person

So how did Utopia help plan and produce the Homeward bound gala?

In under an hour’s time more than $200,000 was raised to help finance their programs for homeless families.  Working with GiveSmart and Fundraising Auctioneer Shannon Mays of Raising Paddles, we were able to help Johnson County achieve success few thought they would experience on a virtual platform.

We love building partnerships throughout the midwest and appreciate our newfound partnerships in the Kansas City bi-state region.

We couldn’t be more fulfilled to help guide, counsel, plan and eventually produce the technical aspects of a virtual platform for organizations that help so many families through their charitable missions.    

We’re humbled to play a role in helping organizations like Johnson County deliver their message and raise funds for those in need of assistance. It’s a blessing to help organizations find alternative avenues of revenue streams in a time of such need and uncertainty.   

We’re humbled to be a leader in planning and producing both virtual and hybrid events.

“We were very scared and nervous going into it and I felt very comfortable asking any question that we had. You guys were always there for us to answer those questions and it brought a lot of comfort to us. It definitely exceeded our expectations.”

-Sheri Monaldo, Johnson County

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