Hybrid Events


We have experience in producing virtual AND hybrid events. Our suggestion to all of our organizations is to plan for the unplanned and unexpected. 

What is a hybrid event? 

Hybrid events are a combination of both virtual + in person, providing an online experience for those that cannot attend and providing a gala environment for those that can. Hybrid events extend your reach and your ability to fundraise to a group of people who either don’t want to attend, are worried about attending, or that are geographically unable to attend. 

  • Can’t get a babysitter? No problem! Join online!
  • Moved to Germany? No problem! Join online!
  • Not comfortable gathering in person due to Covid-19? No problem! Join online.

Why should I plan for a hybrid event?

  1. It provides simplicity and makes it easy for people to say YES. You may join us in person or online!
  2. Stream your live event so you are able to reach the demographic of people that are not able to physically attend. 
  3. In the case your event gets canceled because of Covid-19 or other circumstances, a Hybrid event allows you to still maintain everything you’ve already planned by taking your live event to a fully virtual platform in our event and video production studio. 


Event Scenarios 

Scenario One : Fully Virtual 

Problem:  Our nonprofit organization or foundation is planning for an in-person live event, but the worst case scenario happens. We are unable to gather in person. What do we do?

Solution: We produce a fully virtual event in our studio and send attendees a private broadcast link to login and watch from home. There are countless ways to make a virtual event a fun and engaging experience. The benefit to a virtual event is there is no overhead cost associated with the venue, food and beverage or decor. 

Scenario Two – Hybrid

Problem: Our nonprofit organization or foundation thrives on the energy of our in-person fundraiser. We love the social aspect, but we can’t have 500 people in our venue. How do we handle this?

Solution: We have an event for 150 attendees in-person with all of our additional attendees online. This cuts down on food and beverage costs anyway!

Question many nonprofits are asking:

“What is your outlook on events moving forward, both in-person and virtual?” 

Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of Priceline.Com and successful entrepreneur says it best below. In-person experiences will never be replaced, but adding a virtual component makes it that much easier for someone to say YES to attending and donating.

Scenario Three – In Person Only

Problem:  Some of our attendees either cant attend, or won’t attend for various reasons. How do we navigate this challenge?

Solution: People demand access. The dynamic and the energy of how we do business in this new world is changing rapidly. New event technologies, concepts and ideas are being pioneered every day. Organizations that are looking to create exponential change, impact and growth  will need to evolve and add a virtual components indefinitely. The goal is to make it extremely easy for more people to say YES to your mission.  Think about how many more eyes you’re able to attract by adding a virtual component! 


As graduation came closer, our faculty and staff struggled to find the best way to celebrate the class of 2020, while ensuring we were keeping our students and their families safe. From our first conversation with the Utopia Entertainment team, we knew that we were in the best of hands. Hosting a drive-in graduation, while not our original plan, allowed our students to celebrate their achievements together in a unique way. And one that they will never forget. It also allowed friends and family members to watch the live-stream from home. Thank you, Utopia, for not only making this event possible but for making it seamless, professional and more than anything, a celebration for our students and families! 

Fritz Long

Principal, Duchesne High School

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Hybrid Event

In partnership with Duchesne High School, our A/V, Video and Production team brought together the Senior Class of 2020 to celebrate graduation. This is the perfect example of a hybrid event. The parking lot was full with the class of 2020 and their families. We streamed the entire graduation on Zoom, allowing family members that couldn’t be there in person to watch the graduation from home. 

Drive-In Event

If only it took 30 seconds to set up our LED wall! While projectors rely on light reflection to show images, LED walls function much like TV screens. With limited light pollution, and elevating the wall 15ft in the air, events can go on from sun up to sun down! Anyone watching from home will be able to see everything that is streamed onto the LED wall.


Virtual Event

Ensure that the program your attendees are watching from home is interactive! Virtual events are so much more than joining a Zoom call. From incorporating pictures and videos, to creating customized slides, and a post event dance party, your at home attendees will have an interactive, memorable gala experience from the comfort of their homes. 


The Pictures

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