Create a Fund A Need Video That Works

Before we dive into specifics of Fund The Future / Fund A Need videos, let’s discuss their effectiveness:

– We love to incorporate impassioned recipients and motivational speakers at events, but sometimes we aren’t sure what we are getting. Video mitigates the risk.
– Proper video will tell your mission succinctly and deliberately – control your messaging, keep your program concise. This allows us to be mindful of your guests time.


We cannot stress this next point enough so we will bold it:

If you are spending $20,000+ on your venue, food, catering and alcohol, you cannot afford to NOT invest in a Fund the Future/Fund A Need video. When done right, it unites hearts, connects people to your mission, and will inspire giving.


A Proper Fund The Future Video Will:

    • Inspire your audience to garner contributions.
    • Create lifelong fans.
    • Help donors have a better understanding of where their money goes.
    • Pull at heartstrings and create emotion!

Two things unite EVERY HUMAN BEING:

1. We all feel emotion.

2. We all want to be loved.

A proper video will evoke an emotional response and unify your audience through a shared experience. 

1. Start With Why

As Simon Sinek says, “your WHY is the purpose, desire or belief that drives you.” Very few people or companies can clearly articulate why they do what they do. This isn’t about running a profitable company—that’s a result. Why is all about your purpose. Why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

Neocortex: Corresponds with the “what” level in our brain. This is responsible for all our rational and analytical thought and language. This allows us to look through vast amounts of facts and figures, but it doesn’t drive behavior.

Limbic Brain: The middle two sections make up our limbic brain and are responsible for all of our feelings, like trust and loyalty. This roughly corresponds with the “why” level. This area of the brain is responsible for all human behavior and all our decision making.

Thus, when you can properly articulate and connect people to your why, the what is already known and the how is inevitable. Connect people to your WHY and create lifelong raving fans.

Why do you exist?
What is your cause?
Why do you believe what you believe?
Why should someone support your organization?
How is your organization impacting the world and why?

2. Leverage Your Recipients

Make your story more compelling by including those that your organization serves. You may believe those serving puppies and children have an easier time sharing their stories and tugging on hearts. Your story is worthy of achieving the same result; the same tug. Work with a strong video team that understands the power of storyboarding and storytelling and you’ll be well on your way to harnessing the power of your recipient stories without exploiting recipients.

3. Mission Video vs Fund the Future vs Fund A Need

There are differences between Mission Videos and Fund A Need Videos.

Mission Video

These videos are all encompassing to show your organization as a whole. Mission videos should be on the home page of your website and your social media. Briefly yet emotionally share your vision, mission and purpose to emotionally connect audiences to your organization.

Fund The Future and Fund A Need

The names can be used interchangeably. We suggest using “future” over “need.” The word “need” has a negative connotation. “Need” sounds desperate, while “future” makes people feel vested – they’re leaving a legacy for the future of your organization.

We have found donors feel more emotionally attached to these videos as they have a more specific, deliberate call to action. Fund The Future and Fund A Need videos, when done properly, have specific calls to action that create an immediate response. In other words, these are the videos you want to show at your event to help inspire giving hearts.

Your goal is to help donors visualize the impact of their donation such as funding a second location, a building expansion, new programming, new staff and new classrooms/renovations. Your story is the foundation of a compelling and powerful video. When done appropriately your room should go from loud and festive to attention grabbing silence.

Visit this page for examples: https://utopiavideography.com/portfolio


4. Tell a Story and Pull Out Emotion

To create an effective fundraising video and appeal moment:

 Answer these questions in your Fund The Future video and your fundraising will grow as a result:

Why do we do what we do?
How will supporting us impact the world in a positive way?
Who do we serve and why?
What does the donation provide for our recipients?

The majority of Fund A Need videos are shown with a captive audience during your event. If you need help figuring out how to get the right people in the room, schedule a call with our event planning team (BELOW) and have your mind blown by the way they will challenge you to think about the future of your organization.


If you’re raising money for something specific like chairs in a classroom, you will most likely only use the video until the classroom chairs are funded. This places a timestamp on your video. While there is nothing wrong a video having a short lifespan (especially if it serves its purpose), it’s a nice thought to consider before filming. Try to brainstorm how you might be able to utilize the same footage with a different message and take that into account in your storyboarding sessions prior to filming.


5. Get the Length of Your Fund the Future / Fund In Need Right

A Fund The Future video should be no more than (5) five minutes and no less than (3) three. Less than 3 minutes in length would make it very challenging to answer the above questions. Over 5 minutes and people may lose interest.

In our focus groups where we survey those that frequent fundraisers, 90% of attendees left events with a much better understanding of the organization when a Fund The Future or Fund A Need video was shown. Those same 90% of attendees asked specifically for more videos.


 6. The Quality Of Your Video Matters

Every detail counts. We’ll spare you the technical jargon and just give you high level details to ensure you get the highest quality video. 

A few companies that make high quality cinema cameras include: Sony, Arri, Black Magic, RED H, Panasonic and Canon. Our cinema team films on Sony A7S2’s and RED 8k Heliums. What does that mean? Unparalleled video quality. Find a team that invests in proper equipment so your video doesn’t have a time stamp on it… The higher quality the equipment, the longer you’re able to utilize the video. 

7. Just Start Somewhere!

Quality matters for your Fund The Future, Fund A Need and Mission Videos. Social media quality doesn’t matter AS much. Sometimes organic iPhone content can be just as impactful, if not more! People want to see the raw unedited moments and the behind the scenes laughter.  Just get your content out there as frequently and as often as you can…. use your iPhone or Samsung and start filming! Your brand is only as strong as your impact and visibility.

It’s time to share your story with the world as you are changing it, one heart at a time.

8. Hire Professional Fundraisers

We encourage you to consider the investment of hiring a professional fundraising team that understands how to properly pre-screen donors, structure a live auction, and make a compelling ask. These are not your local news celebrities, no offense to our dear media friends. There’s a difference between an Emcee and Benefit Auction Specialist. Professional Auctioneers with a BAS certification go to school and invest in continuing education courses to better understand how to make an ask. They may also bring supplemental live auction items such as trips and experiences to assist in raising more money and ‘livening’ your live auction. With the help of professional fundraising auctioneers such as A Higher Calling or Raising Paddles, your fundraising has the potential to be exponentially increased. Is it worth the extra investment to potentially double or triple fundraising? There’s no guarantee, of course, but if you’ve never considered a Certified Benefit Auctioneer, we encourage you to step into uncertainty and walk with faith. You may be very glad you did.

We’ve seen these teams QUADRUPLE fundraising totals.

Hiring a professional auctioneer team could be the single best investment your organization makes. After all, a visceral, emotional, well-done Fund The Future video deserves a compelling ask afterward so you net the highest return on investment.

9. Quick Video Length Tips


No more than 60-90 seconds for your website. Average watch time = 7 seconds.


15 seconds (your goal here is to tease the viewer’s curiosity and guide them to some CTA call to action).


Less than 30 seconds (while insta allows for 60 second videos the average viewer watches a video for less than 10 seconds). Your goal is to capture attention by having FREQUENT content. Three videos per week is what we suggest.


Less than 30 seconds. We believe that articles are the most effective means of sharing on LinkedIn.


While it’s too new to have this data, now is an incredible time to get in while barriers to entry are low. Your goal here is to post often.


Your social media videos are not to directly help you raise money. Rather they are to create visibility and brand awareness for the change makers you are! Show how you’re positively impacting the community. With all the negativity in the world, it’s nice to have some positive influence!

Also remember, if I am a potential donor and have come across your videos, I subconsciously am more likely to re-engage with your mission at a later date…. drip marketing WORKS. Stay relevant. Stay consistent. Share your WHY and shout it from the rooftops.

Video = Marketing = Branding =  Awareness


Example Fund The Future / Fund A Need Video:

Boys & Girls Club

This video raised $141,000 during their Fund-The-Future appeal.

Example Fund The Future / Fund A Need Video:

Lutheran High School

This video raised $70,000 during their Fund-The-Future appeal.

When you’re ready to film your professional videos, call our team. We promise to help you move the needle.

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