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Gershman Mortgage Loan Officer Summit

Gershman Mortgage hosted its 2nd annual Loan Officer Summit in February. Gershman’s Annual Corporate Event was held at the Chase Park Plaza in Central West End, St. Louis, MO.

Gershman Mortgage is one of the largest mortgage companies in the Midwest, serving 13 states with over 90 loan officers throughout the United States. The Annual Loan Officer Sales Summit brings together team members to celebrate accomplishments from last year and to set goals for the coming year. The day was filled with round table discussions, an award ceremony and motivational speakers to inspire system wide sales growth.



This was the first year Gershman Mortgage had their corporate event professionally produced. The Utopia Entertainment team handled all of Gershman’s A/V and production needs.  These needs included  wireless microphones, headset microphones,  projectors and projector screens, and multiple audio set ups. Putting speakers in separate rooms allowed attendees to hear the music and announcements as they traveled through the event space.  Utopia was there to help Gershman prepare for unplanned moments, like last minute changes in presenters.

The Gershman Mortgage team had two main goals:

                  -To provide a collaborative learning environment.
                  -To keep energy high throughout the two day summit.



Staying true to our roots, we elevated the energy of the room with music during breaks.  Incorporating themed walk-up and walk-off songs for presenters is a great addition to any corporate event.

Disclaimer:  Incorporating music at your corporate event may lead to hip swaying, hand clapping and celebratory moments. Proceed with caution.



Our mission is to create meaningful moments through  experiences that unite hearts. It’s a beautiful thing to have the opportunity to help  incredible organizations deliver their messages and foster camaraderie. We loved being able to connect with another great company in effort to showcase their successes and deliver their message. 


The Chase Park Plaza
Lisa Meyer Photography
Utopia Entertainment
Kristin Messerli
Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.
Frank Garay and Brian Stevens

Thank you all for your help in creating an incredibly successful event!


Thank you so much for your involvement in our event. Joey, you and your team were integral to our success. Looking forward to working with you on many more events in the future!


P.S. – Great choice on Rolling Stones for my walk up song.

Adam Mason

President, Gershman Mortgage

Utopia has a YES mentality. Thank you Utopia Entertainment for making Gershman’s annual meeting run so seamlessly. They went above and beyond our expectations. We’ve worked with other production companies in the past, but chose Utopia this year as we felt they were really vested in helping us create the extraordinary. We knew the sound and video would be state of the art and thoughtful. But we didn’t realize they would have tech support at our fingertips and were prepared for moments that were unplanned.

They ran our sound and video flawlessly, working closely to coordinate with our timeline. They created energy by bringing out speakers up on stage to music. When speakers were late, they helped fill the gaps.

Most of all they provided value and better service. Joey and Roe felt more a part of our Gershman team rather than a production company providing sound and video.

We look forward to working with Utopia in the future.

Stephanie Goone

Marketing Manager, Gershman Mortgage

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