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WHO: Gene Slay’s Girls & Boys Club

WHY: United Way of Greater St. Louis helps the community of St. Louis and beyond in a myriad of way, all with one goal in mind: helping people live their best lives possible. From improving health, fostering education and providing food and shelter to those in need, United Way truly makes a difference in our community every single day. The work they do not only helps individuals in our community, but they also fund more than 160 non-profit agencies in our region.

WHAT:  Every year, United Way hosts a campaign that brings in millions of dollars for our community. To wrap up the campaign, United Way celebrates its biggest donors with a thank you celebration. From food, entertainment and movies, this event highlights all of the accomplishments from the past year and how grateful the organization is for its supporters.

HOW WE HELPED: We wanted to make sure that each of the guests felt like celebrities for the night. We set up a red carpet runway, complete with paparazzi and a live feed. Our emcee/paparazzi interviewed the guests when they entered the event, and that interview projected to the large screen on the other side of the room. Also, we created a short highlight video, took pictures of the event and had our photo booth set up. We also had our DJ and emcee on stage all night playing music and interacting with the guests.

FINAL WORDS: United Way has been one of our longest partners and we are so lucky to work with an organization that does so much for our community. Click here to learn more about United Way's mission and how they help so many St. Louis residents live their best possible lives.


The video




Matt - Matt oversees our video production team.  He’s a gifted videographer with background shooting documentaries, music videos, and short films. His attention to detail convinces us he sees visions through his viewfinder that others cannot. What distinguishes Matt is his ability to tell a story, capture smiles, preserve what otherwise might have been missed.  Matt not only puts together highlight videos and commercials, but also works closely with nonprofits to help raise funds through mission videos. If every picture tells a story, than every video gives a story heart, emotion and life. We’re lucky to have Matt as Utopia’s storyteller 



Jenna - Our newest team member hit the ground running - which happens to be her exercise of choice as well. Jenna came to Utopia after planning her first annual “FestAbility” - a celebration bringing together organizations that serve those with disabilities. Her vision to raise funds, connect the community, and give people with disabilities a stage to celebrate, touched our hearts. Jenna spearheads our mission to work with the non-profit and corporate sector. We’re committed to servicing our community. Jenna, whose brother was born with Down Syndrome reminds us that understanding and love make the world a better place.  


Jordi - Every now and then you cross paths with someone so dedicated and organizationally gifted that you know that they’d be an asset to your team. That’s Jordi. After working with Jordi at the Mizzou Dance Marathon for the Children’s Miracle Network hospital we knew she’d be a fit. Thankfully Jordi joined our team after graduating from Mizzou and has helped us reach out to Dance Marathons all over the country.  In addition, she works with all of our clients to help with timelines, prep, and organization. She’s the glue that holds us together; the oil the keeps us operating smoothly.  Most of all, she puts our clients at ease.

Joey - Joey is Utopia’s architect and builder. His vision and drive allow us to reach new heights, touch more people and serve our community. The memory of his mother and her battle with cancer has given him purpose and clarity. He left a career in wealth management in 2014 to fulfill a dream. Now he leads the company his mother created. If Jodi laid the foundation, its an understatement to say Joey has added a new wing and opened new doors of creative opportunities. He’s recruited staff that shares his drive to reach out and connect with not only private events, but the non-profit and corporate sectors as well. He’s driven with unmatched enthusiasm to foster lifelong memories through creativity and celebration.


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