Dancers that motivate, emcees that bring people together and DJ’s that mix to the beat of your guests, Utopia takes pride in tailoring its talent to your event. When your guests leave your event, they won’t be talking about the chicken. We’re here to ensure that what they are left with are countless memories and an unforgettable experience.




No cheesy wedding DJ’s here. We are talking about world-class, award-winning DJ’s that are trained in reading the energy of your crowd and adjusting accordingly. Keep the dance floor packed by giving people the music they want. All of our DJs are capable of scratching vinyl, integrating seamless transitions and using their tasteful music acumen to engage audiences of all ages. 


These emcees are not your local news anchor or radio host. Our team of emcees are party starters. In addition to being able to breakdance and backflip across the dance floor, their energy keeps them dancing all night long. Our emcees facilitate your event and oversee your timeline so you can be a guest. No matter the event, Utopia’s emcees will create the spark that makes your event memorable.


Forget your inhibitions. Utopia’s dancers are there to teach, guide and engage your guests, even those that have two left feet. Utopia dancers are there not only to entertain and assist your emcee with the timeline of the night, but to also ensure your invitees are comfortable on the dance floor. And if you ask, they may show off their jaw-dropping dance moves.


Our world-class talent will help you elevate your experience. Forgotten are the days when your guests sneak out after dinner or stand in the corner during the after-party. Our enthusiasm for innovation means that no two parties are alike. Here are a couple of ways to switch up your celebration and keep everyone entertained all night long!


Let your guests choose their music. With a silent disco, your guests have the option to choose between three genres of music, but when they take the headphones off, the room is quiet enough to have great conversation! Great for venues with noise ordinances, or for parties with a wide-age demographic and different music tastes.


Show off your talented colleagues in a friendly competition. Re-create ‘America’s Got Talent,’ ‘American Idol’ or a Lip Sync show down for an event that will bring your team closer together.


Switch up your after-party entertainment and kick things off with a flash mob. Our dancers will get the party started before your guests get out of their seats and keep the energy high throughout the rest of the night! A perfect way to transition from the program to the afterparty!


Immediately greet your guests with a cocktail and a photo! This is also a great opportunity to capture video testimonials from your attendees, top donors and sponsors, as we did above with United Way.

Let Us Make Your Next Event a Utopia Event

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