Utopia Emcees

Our MC's read your crowd to motivate and energize your event.

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What does MC/Emcee stand for? 

  • MC stands for Master of Ceremonies, or someone who can engage to the tune of your audience. 
  • The word Emcee originated even before old school hip-hip where artists would create their own rhythms and beats in effort to be more engaging while performing on stage. An MC should have a very high level of energy through their stage presence. 

What will your MC (Emcee) do at your event?

  • An emcee is typically referred to as the master of ceremonies as they lean towards the essence of music, engagement and interaction to bring a ridiculous amount of energy to your event(s).
  • Our MC's have captivating energy, charismatic personalities, and magnetic spirits to hold the attention of your crowd.

How does one become a great emcee?

  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Our emcees perform at a wide-range of events from private parties with fifty people, to corporate and nonprofit events with excess of 50,000 people. Our emcees are trained to elevate events no matter the demographic.... that's something we've built our reputation on, and it will never change!

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