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Dollars Raised in 2018

Dollars Raised in 2019

On June 2nd, The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis hosted its annual ‘Step Up for Down Syndrome’ event. This public event celebrates the St. Louis community and individuals with Down Syndrome. The morning is filled with activities including a walk and a 3.21 mile run, where 3.21 symbolizes the (third) extra copy of the 21st chromosome. The celebration continues after the walk/run and culminates into family fun festival for kids and adults – including free food, great entertainment by Utopia’s DJ’s and Emcees, the SWAT team exhibit, bounce houses, obstacle courses and a petting zoo!


Utopia’s team was responsible for handling the full production of the event from tenting, to staging, to sound and video production. The DSA knew if there was a problem, they could make one phone call to fix it instead of five or six. We helped streamline the event planning process.



For years, DSA hosted a 5k (plus a little extra) called Run for 21 in March to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  In June, they hosted their Step Up Event, their largest event that brings in 1/3 of their annual budget.  Our suggestion to combine these two events helped reduce the confusion of two similar events, decrease overhead and planning, and raise more money. By combining the events, they were able to spend less, and ultimately raise more.


“We were so pleased with the event and the fun and energy that your team created. The stage and Kerry and Roe were phenomenal and added a whole new feel to the event (as you said it would) 😉 We think it was one of our best events to-date and we look forward to working with you in the future to make 2020 even better! Thanks for all you do. “

-Erin Suelmann, Executive Director

Like any event that we are a part of, the event wouldn’t have been complete without our talent. Our DJ, Emcee and Dancers were on stage all day engaging the crowd and facilitating a huge dance party on the Upper Muny Lot. No matter the party, we ensure all guests, no matter the age, feel a part of the celebration and the impact of the mission.

We are so thankful for this fantastic partnership and we’re excited for Step Up for Down Syndrome 2020!

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