Corporate Events

From a company picnic, to a conference, to a “Your Organization’s Got Talent” production where Mary from Marketing and Tom from Finance engage in the duet of a lifetime, your opportunity to connect people is by creating an unforgettable experience. Our team will help you execute an event from beginning to perfect ending that will leave your various departments and guests feeling connected, creating culture and community as a result.

 Our corporate planning checklist below will save you from pulling your hair out. It’s time to get started planning your holiday party or conference one check box at a time.

Keep Your Team Engaged and Entertained!

Silent Disco

Each guest receives a pair of headphones and can tune in to one of the several DJ’s playing music. What makes silent disco unique and a qualifier for a high-tech event? It allows for a party like atmosphere but also intimate conversation. When guests take their headphones off, they can partake in conversation without music as an interruption.

Interactive Entertainment

Our emcees are not your local news anchor or meteorologist. These are the emcees that created the term “emcee.” Keep people engaged with high energy, interactive fun. Great for events where you don’t feel this type of interaction will work – trust us, it will.

Image Mapping

From beautiful butterflies flying behind the stage, to a rainforest surrounding your dinner guests, say hello to mind-bending projection mapping.

Red Carpet Welcome

Immediately greet your guests with a cocktail and a photo! This is also a great opportunity to capture video testimonials from your top donors and sponsors, as we did above with United Way.

Got Talent?

Show off your talented colleagues in a friendly competition. Re-create ‘America’s Got Talent,’ ‘American Idol’ or a Lip Sync show down for an event that will bring your team closer … much closer.

Lip Sync Live

Switch up your after-party entertainment and kick things off with a flash mob. Our dancers will get the party started before your guests get out of their seats. We keep the energy high throughout the rest of the night!


Your job is to educate and inform. In order to do that, everyone needs to be able to see and hear you.  We’re here to make sure that no matter where your guests are in relation to the stage, they have the same view as those up front.  From a couple of speakers and platform stage to a full scale A/V production set up, our team is here to bring your event to life.


Basic Outdoor Staging

Elaborate Outdoor Staging

Basic Indoor Setup

Elaborate Indoor Setup


Moving Head/Spot Lights


Gobo Lighting

Laser Lighting


Ground or Truss Mounted Speakers

Shure ULXD Microphones

Led Wall - up to 25 ft

Projectors and Screens


Whether you want to capture all the best parts of the conference, or film a commercial for your company, our video team has you covered!

Case Studies from Past Events

U.S. Bank

Let Us Make Your Next Event a Utopia Event

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