Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township

Boys and girls club of Dundee township

The Homecoming Gala!

A few months ago the Utopia team was fortunate to make a trip Carpentersville, Illinois … northwest of Chicago and make a connection with The Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township. 

Boys and girls club: video testimonial

To a first-time visitor, this quaint city alongside Fox River reminds one of a throwback…where service and responsibility to its neighbors, local businesses and most of all to the youth drive their mission.  The Boys and Girls Club not only serves its members but serves as a unifier to help create a stronger community.    

When the pandemic impacted their town, BGCDT rallied and began delivering meals to unemployed and single mothers.

They provided supervision for the children of healthcare providers and staff as well as school guidance and after school programs for students in 8 different learning centers.

It’s one thing to help an organization raise funds … produce their event… and watch them succeed in a virtual world.

But it’s all the more fulfilling when donors and supporters are able to and connect on another level with their service and mission.

With that in mind, we celebrated with The Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township as they exceeded their fundraising goal –  …at their virtual Homecoming Gala in November.  Watch parties took place throughout Carpentersville, while Utopia originated the broadcast from our studios.

“It’s one thing to be a production company, it’s another thing to grasp what it takes to move people and how to get them to respond and I just thought you guys did a really great job of that.”

-Drew Glassford, CEO

Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township

CEO Drew Glassford, kicked off the evening with a welcome and update on the Club.  Emcee/auctioneer Mike Namoff was with us in Utopia’s  St. Louis studios.  Big Mike’s energy, passion and sincerity paced an amazing evening of entertainment and fundraising.   

From our studio, Big Mike handled the live elements, while the balance of the program consisted of pre-recorded videos. 

Utopia’s video crew directed and filmed the introduction, closing, donor appeal and spotlight videos.  The spotlight video, Some Great News, featured the youth of the Boys and Girls Club illustrating how they’ve been able to serve their community and overcome the hardships of the pandemic.   

The evening concluded with Frank Orrall providing music from his studio and concluded his set when he was joined by Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township CEO Drew Glassford providing vocals and back up on guitar. 

Boys and Girls Club: The Pictures

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