Hello to all the wonderful Utopia clients!

I wanted to begin by introducing myself to you all as the newest member of the Utopia family.   My name is Jami Cohen, and I’m the Director of Relations for this amazing team!   I am super excited to be involved with the company as we continue to grow our client base in St. Louis, Memphis, Kansas City, and Dallas just to name a few! 


My relationship with Utopia began this summer when I came in to meet with Neal, or as I like to refer to him to as the sweet, huggable teddy bear who is not only great at his job, but his hand-holding, therapist skills came in handy when we first met!


Like many of you, this is my first experience with planning a mitzvah, and I’m going to be honest with you all……I was not over the moon with beginning the process.  I started the conversation with Neal like this “My husband and I tried to bribe our daughter with cash or a trip to Israel instead of throwing a party!”   He laughed, and as we began talking, I was put more at ease with the initial planning stages.  Neal talked me through the many options Utopia offered without making assumptions about the type of party Emma (not myself or my husband) was envisioning.  He offered heartfelt advice which I appreciated.  


Then, “young” Joey as we like to refer to him, joined our conversation………he’s a ball of energy and his excitement about Emma’s party was contagious.   Joey and I bantered a bit back and forth coming from rival elementary schools (never mentioning the span of time between our graduation dates!).   I left the meeting feeling energized and a bit less overwhelmed.


I was asked to join the team coming from a background in the non-profit world as Utopia is continuously forming new relationships with many local non-profit as well as corporate organizations.   I accepted for two main reasons.  The first is that these guys are passionate about what they do and every client is treated like family.    The second is that I knew per our initial meeting that Neal, Joey, and the rest of the team aren’t afraid of change.   Utopia is continuously growing by bringing in new talent and investing in the most current and innovative technology allowing them to continue to be top notch when it comes to entertainment, videography and production.


All of that being said, this new adventure allows me the freedom to be a mom first……a mom who is planning a mitzvah!  This has been a learning experience for me with many questions and concerns along the way.   When do I book the videographer?  Do I really need to order 200 programs?  How many inserts does an invitation REALLY need???   But as I’m navigating this mitzvah world,  I keep reminding myself that this is not about me.  It’s about my daughter and what a meaningful time this is for her and one that she will remember forever.  

It is about honoring her hard work and dedication.   


It is about celebration.   That is Utopia.  


Thank you all for joining us on our journey, both new clients and old.   Please feel free to call me anytime with questions or concerns.


Happy Holidays, and Healthy 2018!

Jami Cohen


Jami Cohen

Director of relations