Better Family Life Unity Ball

Better family life: unity ball

Better Family Life hosts an annual fundraiser, The Unity Ball and is one of the most attended fundraising events in St. Louis. The Ball is penned as the premier winter holiday event of the year. The Unity ball is also Better Family Life’s major annual fundraiser.


This night serves as a platform to personally acknowledge and express gratitude to current partners, and recognize and welcome new partners. One of the highlights of the evening is the traditional awards ceremony. This ceremony honors outstanding corporate, civic and community partners.


What Does The Unity Ball Do?

The proceeds help support the educational and outreach programs designed by Better Family Life. Thes programs work to enrich families, improve neighborhoods and develop healthier and safe communities. According to Malik Ahmen, Better Family Life’s CEO, his advocation is working to uplift African Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. He also aims to simultaneously bridge gaps among class, racial and cultural lines. 


How We Helped

This year, Utopia helped produce the Unity Ball annual fundraiser for Better Family life by providing full sound, screens, lighting and entertainment.  Various interactive music elements played during the program to ensure the energy in the room was nothing short of electric.


The Utopia Entertainment team was exceptional at producing our 2019 Better Family Life Unity Ball. This year’s Gala was incredibly important to our team and community as our CEO and Founder, Malik Ahmed, officially announced his retirement during our event. As the developmental director, my responsibility is ensuring the community feels connected to and impassioned by our cause. We had nearly 1000 attendees this year so we were ready to invest in a team who would take our event to the next level.

To say Utopia was integral to us achieving event success would be a gross understatement. They helped us with programming, fundraising ideas and organizing our run of show. They ran the entire program from A to Z. Utopia set up lighting, audio and projectors so everyone in the venue could see and hear, even in the lobby! We threw in a lot of last minute changes. We added live feed video cameras so those far from the stage could see the various speakers… and throughout that process, Utopia was sensitive to our needs. They had a ‘CAN DO’ attitude all night.


Throughout the night Utopia kept attendees entertained and engaged throughout our program by interspersing music and getting people out of their chairs. And as many people in the event world know, the timeline never seems to go as planned. Thankfully, Utopia kept us on track, put their arms around us, and eased our minds.


WE LOVE UTOPIA and they will be our event partner going forward. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting with the Utopia team, do yourself a favor and give them a call.

Marla Dunbar

Director of Development, Better Family Life

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