Everything You Need to Know About Video

When was the last time you watched a video on YouTube or another social media outlet?




1. Is your business or your fundraising increasing by 100 percent each year?

Video is. Each year the number of minutes of video watched per day increases by 100 percent. Video has become a primary source of marketing; helping companies reach more prospective clients. With the correct messaging, video will help you create a market and demand for your brand that is not possible without it.


2. Over 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day

According to Forbes, over 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day. If your company isn’t utilizing video in your marketing strategy, you might want to rethink your marketing strategy. You’re missing out on millions of impressions, views and clicks every day.


3. One billion minutes of video are watched on YouTube every day!

1 billion minutes of video are watched on YouTube EVERY DAY! There are 1B people on YouTube and 5 billion videos watched every day, 2 billion people on Facebook and 1 billion people on Instagram. 


There’s so much video out there it’s all the more reason your video needs to be creative and innovative to capture and hold attention.


Why Does All This Matter?


Video gives opportunities for companies and individuals to be more creative and compelling with messaging to connect with more people. Video is becoming increasingly important,  especially for companies wanting to humanize themselves in a world where business is becoming more and more transactional.


Below are some tips to ensure your videos connect. For those of you that already have experience in producing high-quality videos, the next step for you might be deciding on outsourcing video needs vs. hiring a full-time videographer. We dive into more detail below. But first (lemme take a selfie?).

Let’s look at some cute videos that have gone viral over the past year:


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Have you recently logged onto Facebook or Instagram and found yourself captivated by cat videos, Ellen’s interview with T-Swift, or Gordon Ramsay’s commentary on another restaurant experience gone bloody wrong ? (That ultimately makes you feel appreciative he’s not your relative critiquing your food.)


Do you remember the last time you logged onto Facebook or Instagram and didn’t see a video? Us either. But finding videos on Instagram and Facebook isn’t the same as putting videos on your website. It’s important to know where videos should be placed so they get the most traffic. 

First place to start: Video on your homepage.

All videos have different purposes. Here are some of the  reasons you might want to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

  1. To drive traffic to your website.
  2. To inform your audience of your brand.
  3. To share your mission with the world.
  4. To humanize your brand by giving the viewer a person or mascot that is relatable.
  5. To show your philanthropic side. We’re all in business (hopefully) to create opportunity, change the world, and make a positive impact. Share your story.


Videos need to pull on the heartstrings of the viewers.

  1. They need to evoke emotion.  
  2. Tell the story of your mission and how the work of your organization is changing lives in the community.
  3. Find ways to incorporate humor and emotion.

Video must haves:

  1. Should be educational
  2. Should be inspirational
  3. Should be emotional


If it’s just informational without being educational, inspirational, or emotional, it won’t go viral.


The most important aspect of video is your messaging. Storytelling is key in any video, whether you’re filming with a RED 8K $60,000 cinema camera or a $500 iPhone.  We always recommend utilizing high end video production. Have you ever watched Animal Planet and been captivated by how surreal the imagery is? Those are the cameras we shoot on. The video below was shot on a RED 8k camera. 



DO NOT: Q&A narrative video where the subject speaks into the camera. BORING!


DO: Instead of filming Q&A, think of ways to turn a narrative into a story. Storytelling is a much more effective way to connect your viewer to your cause. This opens their hearts and helps them understand your purpose.  




Below are three of our favorite recent videos. What do you think they all have in common? They all tell a story!


Ok, so now we know utilizing video is an easy decision. Now let’s decide who should shoot your video. How to effectively communicate your messaging can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have prior experience. Below are some helpful hints and a few key things to consider before hiring a videographer.


Variables to consider:



Whether you bring someone in as a full-time employee or outsource an independent videographer, the goal is to hire a professional with experience. For example, all of the videographers that work on our full-time staff have previously shot documentaries, commercials, wedding videos, brand videos and music videos. Ensuring you’re hiring someone well-rounded will be the difference in the creativity of your finished product. Make sure to find out what projects your videographer has worked on in the past. Have they worked for companies that are similar to yours? Have they worked on TV shows or movies? Do they have experience filming and editing short-form videos for social media?

If you’re outsourcing a pro, your videographer probably has experience in working on different projects for multiple clients. This experience provides the ability to think outside the box. You want someone that understands your vision for each video without being myopically focused and creatively limited within the four walls of the company.



Video is expensive. So is paying a full-time employee. Most importantly, technology is continually improving, and video equipment quickly becomes obsolete. If outsourcing, it’s essential to hire someone that is always investing in their craft; keeping up with technology. When you bring in a full-time videographer you aren’t just paying a salary; you’re paying benefits, matching a 401(k) and supplying your videographer with equipment to keep up with technology. We invest in new video equipment every two or three years, and we help our videographers subsidize that cost, as your company will too if hiring full-time. Popular modern cinema cameras include the RED 5K / 8K bodies, which alone run upwards of $40,000, not including lenses or audio equipment.



Your video demand will determine if it makes more sense to hire a full-time employee or to outsource your video needs. If you need to create weekly social media videos, it might make sense to have someone internal. On the flip side, we’ve seen 15-45 second social media videos perform just as well when shot on an iPhone. It adds a sense of realness to your brand and shooting an iPhone documentary as a “behind-the-scenes” look of your brand could be well received. Remember, not every video you’re producing needs to be production quality. Your primary mission and about us videos should never compromise quality.

You might consider having fun with your internal videos with an intern/freelance videographer and outsourcing your big mission and commercial projects.  


Regardless of who you hire for video, remember you are paying someone to deliver a service.  A professional videographer will ensure you are happy with the result. You have a lot of lives to change. Rely on power tools that are at your fingertips to help you further your mission. You HAVE to get started now. Don’t get discouraged by companies that are well further along than you. Never compare someone else’s 100th step to your 1st. Remember, gradual and incremental is better than never.


… So get out there and start creating!


Need help? Ready to work with a professional video company that will help bring your story to a larger audience?

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