Why is it important to reinvigorate your donors?
How would it feel if you had raving fans and supporters lined up to support you? How would that impact your organization? The community? The world?
Why is supporting your organization essential? 
What are you doing to create a unique experience so your attendees don’t feel “gala syndrome?”
What is your gratitude plan following your event so your attendees, sponsors and donors feel appreciated?

These are just a few examples of questions our team will ask as we guide your organization through a process to revolutionize your fundraising, reconnect people through a unique event experience, and emotionally connect people to your cause for life.

From entertainment and A/V, to captivating video and fundraising support, we will help you connect. 



How We Help


Our responsibility is to help your donors, sponsors and supporters feel extremely special. Imagine your guests walk into your event and are greeted by an Oscar / Emmy style red carpet with a charismatic Emcee that engages them. Their picture is taken and shared via social media. This is all being video live streamed into the main ballroom. The best part? This doesn’t cost you $1! A sponsor covers it.


We will help you maximize your fundraising by helping you connect people through an emotional experience. Energy, excitement and a strong call-to-action including videos and music will allow us to create the experience that ignites people in unbridled celebration.

No money will be left on the table.


“Gala Syndrome” comes up frequently in our focus groups with attendees. Don’t let your event become stale. Lets try something different like a Talent Show, Dance Off, Lip Sync or a Silent Disco event with multiple DJ’s where everyone wears headphones. 

We will help you keep it exciting, fresh and innovative. 

Audio / Visual (AV)

Whether you’re throwing an outdoor festival or an indoor gala, our production AV team will help you create an environment that engages people and makes your event feel unique, fresh and fun. Lets make sure everyone at your event can SEE and HEAR! It’s critical to maximizing your event experience and fundraising potential.


Video captures the moment, tells the story, and preserves the memory. Our videography team will tell your story in a way that connects young and old; new supporters and long time fans. Your audience will go from loud and festive to attention grabbing silence as we leave people transfixed with the powerful message of your organization.


Our team of Certified Professional Fundraising Auctioneers will coach and guide through the silent and live auction process. Hiring a Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) Certified Auctioneer could be the difference in 2x or 3x revenue.  Our auctioneers also bring high ROI items, such as exotic trips and other unique experiences.


The importance of high quality sound, video and lighting cannot be overstated. These critical items must be viewed as an investment instead of an expense.
Attendees must be able to see and hear, no matter where they are seated or standing, especially during your appeal, live auction and fund the future.

We invest in state of the art production and A/V equipment to ensure your mission is communicated; crystal clear.

78% of event planners believe events appealing to multiple senses deliver a more memorable and creative experience for attendees. However, only 27% of those surveyed believe the five senses are being effectively stimulated at their events.


A few examples of interactive entertainment include interspersing music throughout your program to create energy.  Keep your program succinct and short, honoring your guests time. Don’t just send them home after your program. Let them celebrate the victory of fundraising through an after-party experience to create connection.

In a recent focus group, 85% of attendees agreed that great entertainment was the reason they decided to return. Without entertainment, they unanimously agreed they would prefer to “mail their check.”
The focus group includes people that have donated more than $100,000.

Keep things interesting for guests by switching up the entertainment at your Gala or Fundraiser. Try silent disco, a flash mob or roaming photo booth!


Fund the future.

Videography is a powerful tool. Our creative video team will help you utilize video in new and exciting ways.



There are only 300 Benefit Auction Specialists in the country. When hiring a Professional Benefit Auctioneer and Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) you are hiring a consultant, fundraising expert and crowd pleaser.

Our professional auctioneers offer a variety of exclusive vacation packages and unique experiences to contribute additional value to your event.

Case Studies from Past Events

Lutheran High School
Down Syndrome Association

Let Us Make Your Next Event a Utopia Event

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