7 Questions for a Successful Virtual Event

The 7 Questions That Will Ensure Your Virtual Event is a Smashing Success


Producing a virtual event successfully is not just about nice cameras, a professional studio and a capable production team. There’s so much more than that.  

By asking these questions, you’ll have confidence you’re partnering with a production agency that understands how to produce Virtual Galas and Fundraisers, which are quite different from other virtual events. 

 1. What streaming platform are you using and why?  

The importance of a low-latency streaming platform cannot be overstated. Think of the confusion created by a thirty (30) second delay during your live auction. How would your auctioneer know who’s bidding? Very quickly, the most important part of your event, fundraising, turns into a big mess.  

2. How are you managing registration?  

Outside of registering on your mobile bidding platform (GiveSmart, GreaterGiving, One Cause), our organizations have found it very helpful to look at post-event data. We send our clients streaming results to assess: 

1. Who has registered for the live streaming portion of the event?

2. Who actually joined the live stream, the night of? 

3. How long were they on the stream? When did they exit? 

Our average virtual event retention in 98%

3. how are you partnering with our mobile bidding company before, during and after the event to ensure our event data communicates seamlessly?  

We have been featured on webinars for all of the top mobile bidding platforms – GiveSmart, GreaterGiving and One Cause – coaching, guiding and consulting nonprofits through Hybrid and Virtual fundraising experiences all over the country. We have partnerships with these mobile bidding partners. 

Here’s how we plug-in with your mobile bidding platform: 

1. We handle all of the back-end mobile bidding during the event, helping facilitate the live auction and paddle raise. 

2. Our team helps with proxy bidding.  

3. We help facilitate your registration communication.  

4. We design your program and auction slides so they look consistent and professional.  

5. Real-time bidding. The night of your event, we handle the back end correspondence; communicating bidding activity in real-time to your auctioneer and working with the auction team to close live auction items in the appropriate sequence. We close live items based on the amount of bidding activity they’re receiving. We’ve sometimes found it helpful to leave auction items (silent and live) open 60-90 minutes after the event, if bidding activity is slower. This has helped generate $4,000-$6,000 higher ROI for our nonprofits on specific items. 

4. How are you bringing the mobile bidding platform into the room the night of your event? It’s important for us to thank bidders in real-time.  

We’re provided admin access to your mobile bidding platform which enables us to provide a direct feed of bidding activity to your auctioneer. Take a look at this video that shows how various auctioneers thank virtual donors during the live auction and paddle raise. 


5. Will we receive a program recording of our entire show?

Yes. We suggest our organizations send shortened recordings for their Virtual/Hybrid programs to various donors who either registered and didn’t attend, attended and didn’t give, or didn’t register but have attended in the past. In doing so, we’ve had organizations garner $60,000+ in additional donations!

6. How do we communicate with you the night of? 

While our local nonprofit organizations typically join us in our studio for their virtual galas, our out of town clients don’t often have that luxury. Not to fear! Mrs. Smith wants to bid on an auction item but isn’t sure how to utilize mobile bidding? Share that with us in real-time through our communication platform and we’ll ensure no money is left on the table.

7. Ok great, so we’ve hired you. What happens from there?

Based on the fact that you’ve never done this before, you may not know what to look for. Make sure you look beyond the cost and do some research into the companies that are providing your production proposals. The difference with us is that we not only provide night of production but we:

-Walk you through the process. Plan with you. Guide you. Handhold… a little! 🙂 
-Create your timeline.
-Create all of your video content: appeal video, pre-recorded videos etc. 
-Create all of your graphics (following your branding guidelines).
-Handle registration. 
-Partner with your auctioneering/emcee team to script talking points. 
-Plug-in with your mobile bidding partner and bring all of your auction items directly on screen in the studio for your auctioneer. 
-You’re able to delegate onto our planning team all of the things you lose sleep over. 
-Monitor and thank bidders in real time. 
-Zero lag/latency on our stream. 
-Become your event partner. For life. 

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