7 High Tech Event Trends for 2019

Each year, as technology advances so do the options to elevate and transform your gathering to turn it into a high-tech event. From Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to Gala’s and Non-Profit events there are endless ways to give your event a new twist. Below are seven of the latest trends in technology that will help engage your event guests by doing something out of the ordinary.

1. Wearable Biotechnology 

With wearable LED bracelets, the emotion and energy of the crowd can be sensed and sent straight to the DJ. Not only can the DJ adjust their BPM and play slower or faster music, but the energy of the crowd can also be read to change the lighting and enhance the mood of the room. Check out this example video from Lightwave below to see how they utilize the LED bracelets.


2. Silent Disco

Each guest receives a pair of headphones and can tune in to one of the several DJ’s playing music. What makes silent disco unique and a qualifier for a high-tech event? It allows for a party like atmosphere but also intimate conversations. When guests take their headphones off, they can partake in conversation without music as an interruption.

3. LED Screens

If you’re planning an event and you want to wow your crowd, this is how to do it. Not only is the quality incomparable to that of a projector screen, but they are great for outdoor events too. There is no glare which means that if you’re five feet for 50 feet away, you can see every detail on the screen. LED Screens can be used to show graphics and videos to highlight the energy of an afterparty. They can be used to show testimonials and videos at galas and non-profit events.

4. Interactive Technology

We’ve seen Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) blow up in the last year. From video games to apps, it’s become one of the most popular new technologies out there, and it’s a great way to switch up your event. VR can be used to market events, and keep engagement high. VR is a great tool to utilize at conferences and trade shows to show off products product usage.

5. Photo Booths

The next step is to add a social media wall. Throughout the event, if a guest posts a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and uses a specific hashtag for your event, the photo will appear on the photo wall for all the guests in attendance to see. Guests can even share these pictures right from the photobooth!

6. iPad Jeopardy Wall

We all remember watching Jeopardy or playing a mock game to study for quizzes in school. Now it can be utilized on an even bigger scale at conferences, trade shows or trivia nights. How does it work? Multiple iPads snap into place to create a giant wall (one that resembles the popular game show) so it transforms your event from ordinary to high-tech. You can offer prizes at tradeshows and conferences to award attendees while simultaneously teaching them about your company, product or service.

7. DipJar

Using this simple technology can change the game when it comes to fundraising. The idea is simple. The DipJar is set to a certain amount. Guests swipe their card, and that fixed amount is taken out and donated to the non-profit. To make it even more interesting, link it to a screen that updates throughout the night and shows the money raised because of the DipJar. You can also tie it into a raffle. After a guest donates money, have them write their name down and enter to win a silent auction item or prize from the event!  

Check out this article to see how non-profits are using DipJar!

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