1. Define what you want to accomplish

All great parties have an outcome in mind, whether it’s raising money for a local organization, boosting morale or meeting/creating an organizational goal. In order to get a bigger buy in and encourage larger organizational participation, create a fun theme that encourages philanthropy and teamwork. 

2. Determine your budget

Plan on your budget breaking down similar to this:

  • 30% on program and entertainment
  • 30% on food and beverage
  • 15% on venue
  • 15% on rentals
  • 10% on planning/ logistics 

3. Hire amazing entertainment

Whether you plan on hiring and DJ, band or live performers make sure your entertainment has the energy to keep your audience engaged. Your entertainment should include an emcee; someone who can oversee the entire event, facilitate announcements, manage the timeline and most importantly, be a personality that keeps your guests entertained and engaged throughout the course of the evening… (this shouldn’t be Sally from your marketing department). Especially if the night includes an ask, it’s more impactful and successful when that ask isn’t tied to someone from your organization. 

4. Plan other activities 

Having a themed party is always a hit. This encourages immediate audience participation. Try a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ theme, or “Your Company Name Has Talent”. Have different departments compete against one another and the winning department gest a casual day, a free vacation day or a gift card. Photo booths are one of the most popular items at a holiday party. When hiring a photo booth company, look for someone that doesn’t charge extra for additional prints, allows for social media sharing and store your pictures in the cloud for later viewing. 

5. Think outside the box — challenge your events

Are the events your creating aligned with the interests of a millennial generation and are you keeping pace with their interests? Baby Boomers are retired. Generation Next has evolved into millennials. And now, millennials will occupy 75% of the workforce within the next 10 years. Will millennials feel a part of your culture? Are you aligned with the millennial interest? Are you creating events that are in sync, fresh and capture attention? 

Are you creating an experience? Or are you just creating an event where your colleagues had one more class of wine than they did last time?? 

Are you connecting?

    Create something fresh and appealing that your organization has yet to do.

Trying to raise money for your organization or a philanthropic cause?

    – We promise, you don’t need another trivia night. You don’t need another 5k. You don’t need another silent auction.
    – What you should be looking at is a program that engages, entertains and is fresh, new and innovate… this will keep your organization enthused about how you’ve spent the time creating something uniquely memorable!


    P.S. You’ll thank us later for this one – One bartender per 75 people/ One server per 50 people.



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