On April 7th 2018 we spent the day at the University of Missouri – Columbia’s Dance Marthon, Mizzouthon. During the 13 hour event we laughed, we cried, we danced and we celebrated. We fell in love with the kids we met and we fell in love with the mission. One little girl was paralyzed from the neck down and with the help of Children’s Miracle Network a wheelchair was designed for her. She is able to control her chair using her breath. How amazing is that? Because of the work of MizzouThon, she was able to enjoy the day dancing on and off stage with our emcee.

MizzouThon, Mizzou’s Dance Marathon program is the largest student run organization at the University of Missouri. Throughout the year, MizzouThon participants raise money by hosting smaller family events (connecting with children and families that have been impacted by MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital) and fundraisers and end the school year with their  13.1 hour dance marathon, the highlight of the year.

Dance Marthon is a program hosted by high schools and universities across the nation. It’s exactly as it sounds: 13 hours of dancing, celebrating life with and for those fighting for theirs. Throughout the event a family will take the stage to share their story of how CMNH has impacted them. MizzouThon donates all proceeds to MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia.

We were brought in to bring retention and energy, but we left with so much more. Utopia Entertainment provided a DJ, Emcee, staging, sound, lighting and videography – creating an enviornment that helped change MizzouThon forever. at 1 a.m., after 13 hours of non-stop celebration, the evening closed with the hightest retention rate in MizzouThon history. We left with the chills and memories of an amazing night and a magical event.


“These guys were the best entertainment company I have ever seen. I loved how they interacted with everyone. Especially the kids. My daughter Margaret loved how Kerry asked her to join him in the circle and on stage. He made her feel so special. So much energy. Thank you guys so much.” 

-Sherline Trice-Romph, Miracle Mom

What an honor to bring joy and celebration to children and families battling hardship. There is nothing more gratifying than brining people together, holding a safe space and helping create life-long memories. Shared along the way were unforgettable stories of cheer and sorrow, pain and triumph, resilience and optimism. 

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